Horizon Research Busted by Cops, Ctd

Not only has Horizon Research and the Dompost’s shameless manufactured story about public confidence in the Police been busted by the Police Association but not the Police themselves have come out with a strongly worded press statement.

The findings of a recent survey claiming falling public trust in Police were deliberately engineered to mislead the public and bolster a complainant’s case against Police, says Acting Commissioner Viv Rickard.

Mr Rickard said the online survey of 756 adults by Horizon Research conducted over a 40 hour period at the weekend lacked any validity, as the company involved was not independent and had deliberately designed the survey to elicit a biased response.

“The integrity of the survey and the motivation of those behind it must be seriously questioned when the company involved is owned by a representative for individuals involved in a current complaint investigation by Police. There is also evidence their supporters have been actively encouraged through social media to take part in the survey and win cash and prizes.”

Mr Rickard said Police took the matter seriously and had commissioned an independent research organisation to review the Horizon survey. The feedback confirms concerns that the methodology was flawed and the sample would produce a biased result. The results varied considerably from other robust surveys.

They go on to release a proper survey that states:

Mr Rickard said as an organisation committed to continuous improvement, Police welcomed public scrutiny and constructive criticism based on reliable, objective and informed commentary.

“This is why over the last four years, Police have commissioned reputable market research company Gravitas Research and Strategy Ltd, to conduct the Citizens’ Satisfaction Research programme.

“The latest results of the Gravitas survey of 9,706 people released last month shows 77 per cent of New Zealanders continue to have high levels of trust and confidence in Police – up from 72 percent in 2008/2009.”

Mr Rickard said the Gravitas survey conducted detailed interviews with people about their views of Police, their feelings of safety and what their service experience was like if they recently had contact with Police. The interviews were conducted over a period from July 2011 to June 2012.

“When you look at the size, scope and thoroughness of the survey carried out by Gravitas, the findings by Horizon simply don’t stack up to scrutiny. The timing is also highly questionable given that the Dominion Post published the survey findings to coincide with news articles and editorials quoting the complainants who are critical of Police.

“I think most reasonable New Zealanders will therefore see this rather cynical approach for what it is and make up their own mind.

“The quality of the Horizon survey and the strength of the related media coverage by the Dominion Post looks even flimsier when you consider that public satisfaction with Police is at its highest levels and New Zealand crime rates are the lowest on record.

The Dompost and Horizon have ben caught front and centre manufacturing the news.


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  • Gazzaw

    More Dompost churnalism. Checking out sources is obviously a thing of the past.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Are these the ones whose polls show Winnie the Poo flying high?

  • pukakidon

    This is another disgraceful sham produced by the leftist leaning Media. I am sure that party faithful would be right behind this. Liarbour and their cronies have hit rock bottom. They have been making news in order to sway public opinion and now they have been caught out.

    Heads need to role at these scumbag media outlets. This is not what NZ is about, it is just another dirty tactic.

    • Gazzaw

      Bring on Gina Rinehart!

  • black face

    of course police don’t design the question of their own survey to get the response they want and Gravitas is completely unbiased because they aren’t paid for their services

    • Adolf Fiinkensein

      black face goes with dumb arse.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    I see the Faifax Ltd share price has tanked to well below $0.40c. A fair reflection of value by the sound of it. On second thoughts, perhaps over-priced?

  • Beans

    Fuckedfax in making shit up shocker.

    I hope Gina Rinehart rips it apart.

  • Harry

    I read today in (in a non Fairfax rag) that Fairfax’s shares had fallen to 38c – and were expected to fall further. Fairfax have to do something to sell their newspapers. They can’t just report the boring day-to-day news.

  • kowtow

    Senior police obsessed about their image. Sounds very adolescent.
    Best opinon poll is the crime figures. That’s what matter.

  • Stats Chat has posted about the polling results/methodology today: http://www.statschat.org.nz/2012/10/17/do-we-trust-the-police/