Horizon Research Busted by Cops

Horizon polls are well-known for being dodgy. But all kinds of questions need to be asked about their latest crap.

The Police Association has uncovered some very questionable issues around this.

The timeline looks like this:

On Saturday the Dom Post prints a biased story slagging the cops by a left-wing SST reject.

Front and centre of the story and leading the charge against the police is “Wellington public relations consultant Iain Morrison”

The outraged Mr Morrison is a colleague of Graeme Colman.

Colman also runs Horizon Research.

By a complete coincidence, on the afternoon of the Dom Post story, Horizon conducts an “independent” poll, with the subject matter bearing a very striking resemblance to the issues raised in the Dom Post.

Later the same afternoon the Facebook page set up by Morrison’s people to attack the police invites all comers to sign up to take part in the Horizon “research”.

“Sign up and do the poll and our mates at Horizon Research will put you in the draw to win an Ipad 3g and $1000 cash!”

So, independent research? A reliable poll? Manipulation? Pre-planned nastiness? A campaign to hoodwink the media and the public?

This isn’t just dodgy.

This stinks.


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  • Rightnow

    I believe this to be the same Jakob Christie:

    “The intruders stole a cellphone, a laptop and “crumby little buds” of marijuana, Mr Christie said.”

    “Neighbour Carol Radford alerted police when Mr Symes came to her door.
    She said: “I totally freaked … I said: ‘I’m not letting you in but I’ll call the police’.”
    She was concerned about safety because the flatmates could be noisy and left smashed glass on the street after parties.”
    Sounds like Jakob Christie and friends have a history of parties that upset the neighbourhood.

    • Name

      So he went to the cops to complain about a break-in and then proceeded to discuss his lawbreaking to the media.

      Possession of cannabis is a crime in NZ and I hope the Police follow up on this

      • Name

        Oh and one more thing I hope this guys landlord is aware that he possesses and possibly grows an illegal substance on the property, and if he read the article and does nothing about it then its assisting a crime.

  • BJ

    On their PR website : ‘We specialise in campaigns that others would never dare to attempt. We thrive on challenges that demand highly imaginative planning and execution’

  • thor42

    Horizon bears about as much relationship to “research” as Paris Hilton does to virginity.

  • Adolf Fiinkensein

    President Obama desperately needs more people like this. They would fit seamlessly into his campaign organisation

  • Dave

    10 minutes research asking Mr Google to provide some background, all in the public domain.

    1) Graeme Colman’s Linkedin page…. “in 1990 worked in the New Zealand Prime Minister’s Office” “As Executive Assistant to former Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade and Prime Minister Mike Moore” Both Labour ministers……..

    2) White pages lists 36 Colmans in NZ. Not many, but granted not all might be listed.

    3) A long straw. Fraser Colman was a Labour minister……. 15 April 1967 to 1978 he also represented Pencarrow from 1978 to 1987 Could Fraser Coleman be related Graeme Colman. With such a similar and relatively rare name, perhaps a cousin, uncle or someone who fostered an interest in Labour politics for young Graeme Collins.

    Is someone from Labour or similar interested in creating havoc for the Government by dreaming up fake or stacked Polls ??

  • NZ Groover

    Horizon. The preferred pollster of the University of Western Australia.