How much is Cullen ripping us off?

Michael Cullen doesn’t have much expertise in anything other than spending other people’s money and exporting billions to Australian private enterprise.

A reader has sent in this image of a letter that arrived from Singapore in the mail this morning and writes:

This arrived this morning. NZD is about 1-1 against Singaporean dollar so their international mail rates are about a third of our domestic rates. Anyone posting mail should consider moving their operations to Singapore and saving themselves 45c per envelope!

I like their catch phase too. Heh


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Riping us off – and short changing NZ Inc for decades!

  • But Singapore is only 710km2. Their postal service doesn’t have to factor in costs such as domestic airmail like post from Blenheim to Wellington, which is probably the post expensive mail to deliver per km.

    • Only 710km2? Ahh! that would explain why it is so cheap to post something internationally. Oh, hang on…

      • You have to look at where the money from postage goes, proceeds from international mail probably are propping up domestic services. In New Zealand, it’s a takes at least a three hour flight for our mail to reach an overseas distribution centre where it can be sent off with mail from other postage providers. Singapore being in the heart of Asia doesn’t face the same cost and time disadvantages we do.

        • How can sending mail from one place in NZ to another cost three times as much as it does to post the same thing from Singapore? How can something that costs a third of the price prop up a far more expensive domestic service?

  • rouppe

    I buy cables from China/Hong Kong. I got a micro HDMI for my phone for about NZ$5 delivered from Hong Kong. Their postage must be next to nothing

  • AnonWgtn

    I have regular correspondance from UK but it is Singapore Postmarked.
    Cheaper postage system I suspect.

  • Name

    I ordered a 1kg CPU heatsink from QuietPC somewhere in UK and guess how much it cost to ship here? $12. And the funny thing is, it came in 6 days.

  • The Real Fozzie

    I order books through and they don’t charge any shipping costs. Ordered 3 books 2 weeks ago, delivered in individual bubblewrap envelopes.

  • Gazzaw

    The answer to this is pretty obvious isn’t it? Postal services propping up Anderton’s Folly.

  • DrStoat

    This is actually the cost for local postage in Singapore. To send international, like to NZ, should cost one dollar SGD. Someone has just screwed up, thats all.

  • Andrewo

    Just to rub it in – it’s from Ikea. A shop we don’t have because it was (I believe) blocked by its competitors using the RMA

  • Patrick

    The question that needs addressing is why Cullen is still employed in SOE’s after the stitch up he left the NZ taxpayer with – Kiwi Rail. More importantly why was his incompetence rewarded with a knighthood? The man should have been prosecuted for his lying about PREFU.

  • Singapore is effectively a city on an island, so there’s economies of scale at play when you compare postal delivery costs between Singapore and NZ.

    A quick check of Singapore Post’s rates shows that it’s 26 cents for local post in Singapore, while a letter to NZ should have cost S$1.10 (rates available here ). I’d expect Singapore Post lost money on that delivery.

    In Cullen’s defence, he’s pushing for reducing rural delivery costs by reducing delivery days. But he needs to get rural NZ on side for this to work, which is no easy feat.

    This shameless besmirching of Cullen is on par with how the Greens operate these days. I’m sure you can wear your socks higher than that Cameron.