Huge Dom Post ACC Beat-up Continues

Huge ACC Salaries? ?How “huge”?

The maximum someone receives under ACC is 80% of $113,768 or $91,014.40, pretty close to the “huge” salaries of ACC staff will Stuff’s follow up story be about how many people are earning the maximum payout rather than painting them as “victims”?

The ACC Dom Post hate campaign continues based on disgruntled claimants and sensationalist media beat-ups.

The incorrect claims with correction have had to be repeated?here and here.

Stewart wrote that the revelations about the privacy scandal was a ”defining moment” for ACC. A survey showed public confidence in the insurer fell from 58 per cent to 49 per cent.
The report also showed ACC accepted 1.7 million new claims over the year. Total claim payments were $2.6b – or just over $7m per day.

Falling from 58 to 49 per cent seems to not be so large given the size of the campaign against the Organisation and staff is not surprising.

The most obvious conclusion from Vance and Kitchin’s reporting is the need to privatise ACC.