Inmates take over the asylum

Not content with demanding the use of biofuels, with the results that:

  •  Rainforests have been levelled
  •  Subsidence farmers driven from their land
  •  and the world’s poor starve

Green scientists are now proposing to release aerosols all over the globe to “cure” the imaginary disease of global warming.

Solar radiation management is a type of geoengineering that would manipulate the climate in order to reduce the impact of global warming caused by greenhouse gasses. Ideas include increasing the amount of aerosols in the stratosphere, which could scatter incoming solar light away from Earth’s surface, or creating low-altitude marine clouds to reflect these same rays.

Research models have indicated that the climatic effect of this type of geoengineering will vary by region, because the climate systems respond differently to the reflecting substances than they do to the atmospheric carbon dioxide that traps warmth in Earth’s atmosphere. New work from a team including Carnegie’s Ken Caldeira uses a climate model to look at maximizing the effectiveness of solar radiation management techniques. Their work is published October 21st by Nature Climate Change.

Attempting to counteract the warming effect of greenhouse gases with a uniform layer of aerosols in the stratosphere, would cool the tropics much more than it affects polar areas. Greenhouse gases tend to suppress precipitation and an offsetting reduction in amount of sunlight absorbed by Earth would not restore this precipitation. Both greenhouse gases and aerosols affect the distribution of heat and rain on this planet, but they change temperature and precipitation in different ways in different places. Varying the amount of sunlight deflected away from the Earth both regionally and seasonally could combat some of this problem.

The Green movement is the true threat to the Earth and our environment.


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  • Graham

    Subsidence farmers? Do they farm on landslides?

  • conwaycaptain

    These buggers must be stopped. They have no bloody idea of what could happem

  • thor42

    There may be some good news that will stop these lunatics.
    The collapse of the world economy should mean that all of this CRAP would get thrown out the window. Hopefully there’d be no money for it.
    That’s the “silver lining” with lousy economic conditions around the world.

  • Global Warming ended 16 years ago Met Office says