Inquiry into GCSB needed

After 3News tonight and all the media repeating Labour’s claims that a secret recording was made of John Key at GCSB it is abundantly clear that there needs to be a wide ranging inquiry into activities at GCSB.

Firstly because the Leader of the Opposition is now alleging there is evidence that an agency has gone rogue, where their spies are breaking the law and now playing politics in a bid to protect themselves from accountability. Not only that it appears also that Labour has politicised and compromised the GCSB by playing politics with the spy agency.

Labour claims it has sources inside the Government Communications Security Bureau (GCSB) spy agency who are adamant Mr Key gave an address to staff in which he spoke of Dotcom.

That one sentence should ring alarm bells. No political party should ever have “sources inside GCSB”, ever. That is very concerning and also very curious because I understand, from my own sources, that the trail from GCSB to Labour is very, very short.

My sources tell me that the information that Labour is running has come directly from the agent who had a lead role of the GCSB operation who is currently under the gun for his botched handling of it. I will call him Agent “G”.

Former Agent “R” is the root of a member of Shearer’s office.  He is best mates with Agent “G”

So we have a rogue agent, attempting to cover his butt, feeding information to a senior person in the Labour party via their partner and a leader of a political party who has decided to compromise both the Agent and his staffer so he can play politics with one of our national security bureaus.

GCSB appears hopelessly compromised, out of control and rogue or at the very least have a couple of of mischievous politically motivated and connected troublemakers.

If Shearer’s claims are true it also looks like the GCSB has broken the law, again. If it is illegal for the GCSB to record NZ residents then surely it is also illegal to record the New Zealand Prime Minister who also happens to be a NZ citizen. Is David Shearer complicit in assisting the GCSB to break the law?

For the Record GCSB says Shearer is wrong as Felix Marwick reports:

This whole debacle needs an urgent inquiry to find out who, in GCSB has decided to play politics to either leak a recording illegally obtained, or to make it up for political gain.

If they are prepared to leak or manufacture stories and feed them to a political party then what else are they prepared to leak or do. If Labour can willy-nilly release information or manufactured about the GCSB then what is stopping them releasing information from briefings to suit their political agenda.

Neither the GCSB (until the rogue agent is caught) nor Labour can be trusted at the moment. If you can’t trust your spies then who can you trust. John Key must act to reign in the rogue players.

Either Shearer is making this up, or the GCSB cannot actually be trusted.

UPDATE: Shearer has no evidence, massive facepalm for Davi Shearer and tame journos at TV3. This is a new league of ineptness that is beyond the capabilities of even Trevor Mallard.

UPDATE: GCSB denies a recording even exists. Looks like Shearer has been set up by Robertson loyalist Fran Mold.

Spy boss Ian Fletcher has denied Labour claims that Prime Minister John Key was caught on camera discussing Kim Dotcom in February.

Earlier today Labour claimed a tape existed of Key giving speech to staff in cafeteria at the Government Communications Security Bureau’s Wellington headquarters in which he made a quip about Dotcom. Key has said he remembers the speech but not the remark.

Fletcher said “exhaustive enquries” at the GCSB have revealed no video tape. Still photographs exist but would not be released because they identify staff at the super-secret agency.

An investigation was now underway into the ‘‘leak’’ at the agency, he said.

They won’t need to look far…Agent “G” would be my pick.


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  • Morgy

    What? No evidence?! What the fuck is going on here! Shearer should be ashamed and the fucking media need to be castigated! FUCK ME!!!!!!!

  • rouppe

    One always has to look very carefully at the words.

    Initially it was said that there was “a tape” of the speech.

    Then GCSB say there is “no video”.

    “No video” is different from “no tape” as “a tape” can mean an audio recording someone made with their phone during the speech.

    Care still needs to be taken

    • Owl

      The Labour Party offices and David shearers office should be swooped on Right now. All evidence secured. I am being really serious! the Owl never takes things like this lightly. I can see heads roll all over the place hear and I will tell you know if the Shearer has country secrets and not passing then back to the power to be I am really really annoyed.

  • cows4me

    What ever the truth the current fiasco does not fill me with confidence that these people and their systems are on our side. Every censors and statistics report I get I load with as much bullshit I believe I can get away with and believe me the fucking government loves to know what farmers are up to. The argument is that all information is private and confidential, oh fucking please these bastards don’t need us to tell them our business they already know everything. An inquiry into the GCSB would be like a dog sniffing its arsehole.

  • LesleyNZ

    This is very alarming. Is the Labour Party more Socialist than what they appear to be? They are sounding and acting like Communists.

  • LesleyNZ

    Time that Dotcon got kicked out of NZ. Money can’t buy reputation.

    • Rendition…google it

      • Owl

        Whale oil are you saying there is a mole operating in the agency on behalf of labour?

        • Lofty

          Sure looks that way owl.
          This is the ideal op for the Govt to attack, with a no holds barred approach, get In with a quick vicious attack.

        • Lofty

          If the Govt does an attack NOW the media will have no choice other that to fall into line.

        • 2ndAmendment

          No – Shearer is saying so.

          Before Labour removed the Official Secrets Act, Shearer & the Mole would be looking at 15-30 years inside.

  • Lofty

    Righto JK, time to take the bloody gloves off, roll up your sleeves my boy and go for the jugular. This kind of duplicitous and may I say traitorous conduct by 1 of the opposition parties deserves an instant response, not tempered with kindness.
    Get in and do it fast, just as the owl comments.

    • Troy

      I agree, it’s time for JK to go for it – he needs to think back to his ruthless days as a trader and fucking deal to both the GCSB and the Labour Party. He might not come out of this as he would wish, but the Labour Party I feel are going to be damaged the most.

      • 2ndAmendment

        He’s got a parliamentary majority. Parliament is Sovereign. If Key says so, the Labour party ceases to exist, along with all their unions and other backers.

      • blazer

        get real Capt America suffers from selective amnesia and I’m sure he wants to forget his time at Merrill Lynch…they gambled away billions of americans savings.

        • Lofty

          Gee what an intelligent comment..I am impressed…wow.

          • blazer

            I venture you are easily impressed.

          • Lofty


        • Troy

          that’s gotta be the most fucked up comment of the day.

          • blazer

            does its accuracy shock you,or just annoy you?

        • Patrick


          • Scanner

            None, as per usual.

          • blazer

            ‘Merrill Lynch was making billions of dollars in profits on exotic mortgage-backed securities, it was trying to torque up those winnings by using vast amounts of borrowed money.”excerpt from a book written by an economist/reporter for the NY Times.

          • DavidW

            And as referred to by CJA, the UN has condoned rape and murder by its own staff not to mention ignoring attempted genocide in places like Rwanda. Frankly as much as I think Shearer is a total dick and unsuited to be let anywhere near the levers of power I can’t make the same quantum leap onto the peak of ignorance that you have succeeded at blazer.

          • blazer

            .People are more important than profits.Inequality and debt slavery needs to be addressed not ramped up.

          • CJA

            Not really answering the question there Blazer. I’m not really surprised though. Just out of interest have you used any other screen names on Whale Oil before?

          • blazer


          • blazer

            Key has a poor memory.

        • In Vino Veritas

          Millions of Americans savings? Some evidence of this would be appreciated Blazer. And I doubt that he would want to forget his time there, he was extremely successful.

          • blazer

            plenty of evidence.You must know Merrill Lynch ended up being a basket case and part of the BOFA bail out included them acquiring Merrill.Bank of America just too crooked to fail.

          • CJA

            Just out of interest what does that have to do with anything in relation to the thread? So drawing a very long bow here since John Key worked for Merrill Lynch and since Merrill Lynch was bailed out by the American Government or Bank of America John Key must be responsible for the economic crisis. Oh I get it (please note the sarcasm if you’re not smart enough to get it).

          • blazer

            its a question of integrity.Merrill Lynch committed large scale fraud on American investors.

          • CJA

            So hang on since John Key worked for them 15 odd years ago (excuse me if that is the wrong timeframe just estimating) that he is implicated in the all the wrong doing of Merrill Lynch. That’s like saying since Shearer worked for the UN and all the dodgy things like corruption that happens at the UN he is implicated as well. It’s a crappy comparison.

          • blazer

            it may be a long bow iyo,but cant you see the irony….the parasites in the finance sector who caused the GFC are supposedly now going to conjure a way out of it.Key is a Wall ST accolyte,an embarrassing fawning sycophant ,that must be plain to most people.

          • CJA

            It’s not using any facts though. Deal with the facts of the matter and in terms of Key he is trying to run the country like a business which I have no problem with at this present stage as it makes the most sense. Could you imagine how much crap we would be in if we were being run by the Greens and Labour. Think Greece 2.0.

          • blazer

            Cullen did a great job…until the vote bribes re student loans was introduced.Key dances to the tune of the IMF and WB.Merrill Lynch was a business,his experience is in Forex gambling and Hedge Fund manipulation devices.

          • CJA

            And your point is? Come back to your argument of since John Key worked for Merrill Lynch makes him dodgy therefore making David Shearer dodgy since he worked for the UN. Please elaborate since I am now using your argument to tar David Shearer.

          • blazer

            John Keys work experience cannot be used as a qualification to run the country…he refers to a ‘safe pair of hands’….where is the evidence to back that up?Comparing Shearers work with the U.N is a ludicrous analogy.

          • CJA

            But I’m doing the exact same thing as you are. Making a massive assumption on the basis of having very little facts and not having any back up for my argument.

          • blazer

            the facts about Merrill Lynch and the work’ they do…and the ‘work’ Key did are readily available.Wall St Goldman gang boss refers to at as ‘doing Gods work’…quite the comic he is.

          • CJA

            Send me the link on the thread and I’ll read it. If it is readily available you it shouldn’t be too hard for you to copy and paste it in.

          • CJA

            I’m sure the link will mention all the bad things John Key did while working at Merrill Lynch as well that has led to the GFC. Oh hang on…….

          • blazer

            I’m sure you can google Merrill Lynch ..derivitives,CDO’s,Stanley Neal,Michael Blum,sub prime,…it is an incredible story of obsfucation and misfeasance.

          • CJA

            And John Key was involved with all of it right? Show me the facts.

          • blazer

            don’t bother asking JK himself…’“I don’t think so. No,” he said. “I don’t remember ‘…..that is his stock answer these days…lol!

          • CJA

            And can you name the jobs and qualifications of the last few prime ministers of NZ? Based on those we’re any of them qualified to run the country? Not sure if you can get a Bachelors in Prime Ministership in any of the universitys in World either.

          • blazer

            Key regards his lot as a safe pair of hands…on what basis?

          • CJA

            On the basis that the country is still operating as one of the better countries currently in the OECD, better meaning we’re not in as much poo as some countries. What are your thoughts on quantitive easing?

          • blazer

            QE is a bit like having a nuclear bomb,its o.k for us big guys ,because we’re responsible,but its dangerous in your hands.What do you think caused the ‘Arab Spring’?

          • CJA

            Sorry took a while for me to see this. Can you elaborate on what you mean for “us big guys” and “danegrous in your hands”? Don’t quite get it.

          • blazer

            the IMF and the WB try to control monetary policy.The greenback is still the default currency for international trade..the ‘big guys’ have the military might to back them up.Little guys’ like NZ are good,they do what they’re told.Gadaffi wanted to promote a united African banking platform and united oil trading organisation.BP ,Exxon ,Wall St the Fed and co saw the threat…the rest is history.Key is a good lapdog.The nuke anology is simple…’we’ can have nukes ,because we’re reliable and responsible…Irans of the world cannot have one because …….!

          • CJA

            In terms of Cullen please explain the managing to stuff us by spending all of the countries surpluses in 2008 as election bribes. How was that responsible?

          • blazer

            Nat s disagree with you.They thanked Cullen for leaving the finances in such great shape.

          • CJA

            Lol show me the link on that and if I’m wrong I’ll admit it.

          • blazer

            come back to the discussion alright…QE? reply is below.

          • CJA

            Oh and I also know LOL. Maybe I know more text speak than I’m letting on now that I think of it.

          • blazer

            ‘over the 9 years of the Labour Government GDP growth averaged 3.2 percent, which is higher than under the previous National Government and obviously his own; and is he further aware that that strong and sustained expansion was achieved at the
            same time that net debt was cut to zero, gross debt was cut in half, unemployment was less than half the current rate, thousands of New Zealanders were lifted out of poverty’….this is the reality English had to own.

          • CJA

            And this quote was pulled from what website?

          • blazer

            ‘“I don’t think so. No,” he said. “I don’t remember it.”…this quote by Capt America is from a D.Garner piece.

            Read more:—Labour/tabid/1607/articleID/272405/Default.aspx#ixzz292QQ6S4L

          • CJA

            And when I say website I am assuming it is a balanced economic website not a left or right wing website or an opinion piece from one of our left wing media?

          • blazer

            I take it a balanced’ economic website is one whose conclusions/interpretations are aligned with your own.

          • CJA

            Nope not correct. Balanced is weighing up the pros and cons of an economic policy and arguing them. If a policy is good for the country why is it good etc. And you still haven’t answered my question.

          • blazer

            hard case ,why are asset sales ‘good’ for the country.Answer they’re not of course,but they stimulate fees for financial parasites.

          • CJA

            Got a bit bored so Googled your quote. Hon David Cunliffe: Is the Minister aware that over the
            9 years of the Labour Government GDP growth averaged 3.2 percent, which
            is higher than under the previous National Government and obviously his
            own; and is he further aware that that strong and sustained expansion
            was achieved at the same time that net debt was cut to zero, gross debt
            was cut in half, unemployment was less than half the current rate,
            thousands of New Zealanders were lifted out of poverty, and the minimum
            and average wages rose every year; if so, why does he not just admit to
            New Zealanders what is patently obvious: that he is shonky in his use of
            figures, and he has no plan for growth?


            Here’s the link. Sorry really can’t call a question from David Cunliffe to Bill English in Parliament “balanced”. Oh well the joys of the Internet.

          • blazer

            you can’t really dispute the numbers though can you.

          • CJA

            Not coming from a reliable source e.g. someone independent and also due to the fact Labour governed in the boom time before everything went to cactus you probably can.

          • blazer

            ‘ Labour is unable to
            understand the negative impact that it had on this country and on the

            thousands of people who have no jobs or little job security because of
            the poor economic management in the last years of the previous Labour
            make up your mind …old chap!:)

          • CJA

            Oh and here is English’s answers for any of those that are still reading this thread due to me and Blazer over-running it (apologies to anyone out there who has had enough of us). Hon BILL ENGLISH: I think that shows why Labour got
            into Opposition and is staying in Opposition. Labour is unable to
            understand the negative impact that it had on this country and on the
            thousands of people who have no jobs or little job security because of
            the poor economic management in the last years of the previous Labour

          • blazer

            thats called saying alot about nothing..just a general political bulletin unsupported by any factual reference.

          • CJA

            You mean like most of your argument on this thread?

          • blazer

            I’ve got myself…well ahead on points…in this arguement.Still no QE reply from you I note.

          • CJA

            Although this may have stopped you trolling on other threads. Had you thought about that?

          • blazer

            trolling…a convenient allegation when you have no game.If WO wants everyone to just agree with every right wing policy or spin ,like mindless sheep he could easily achieve that aim.

          • CJA

            Elaborate on how?

          • CJA

            Just FYI here’s the definition on trolling, read into what you will:



            1939 up, 1022 down

            The art of deliberately, cleverly, and secretly pissing people off, usually via the internet,
            using dialogue. Trolling does not mean just making rude remarks:
            Shouting swear words at someone doesn’t count as trolling; it’s just
            flaming, and isn’t funny. Spam isn’t trolling either; it pisses people
            off, but it’s lame.

            The most essential part of trolling is
            convincing your victim that either a) truly believe in what you are
            saying, no matter how outrageous, or b) give your victim malicious
            instructions, under the guise of help.

            Trolling requires decieving; any trolling that doesn’t involve
            decieving someone isn’t trolling at all; it’s just stupid. As such, your
            victim must not know that you are trolling; if he does, you are an
            unsuccesful troll.

            Signs that your trolling is succesful:

            *Your victim screaming in all-caps at you.

            *Personal attacks (Calling you a retard, idiot, etc).

            *Being an Internet Tough Guy.

            *Making a crude remark, before quickly logging off before you can retort.

            Signs that your trolling is unsuccesful:

            *Your victim identifying you as a troll.

            *Identifying yourself as a troll.

            *Your efforts being ignored.

            *Being counter-trolled (See below)

            Counter-trolling (Or
            reverse trolling) is an effective method of redeeming yourself after
            being trolled. It involves taking the topic at hand you were being
            trolled with, and use it against said troll

          • blazer

            therec are a hell of alot of trolls around here by that def.WO can just delete or block those whose sentiments he does not agree with.

          • CJA

            Actually not true. This is one of the few blogs that barely ever blocks people. Ask anyone who posts on here. It’s not like the Standard or Red Alert.

          • blazer

            I didn’t say he did…you asked the obvious…’how’?Get with the topic CJA.

          • CJA

            Lol ahh the irony of the comment “Get with the topic”. Very amusing. Anyway it’s been fun Blazer. No doubt we’ll joust again at some stage.

          • CJA

            Will use one of your abbreviations IYO you are ahead on points. As per no facts no back up and on the basis that it seems you have more dislikes than likes I think that says a lot.

          • pukakidon

            I think you must have blazed up a bit too much. Your brain is addled. He the one who left us the billion dollar debt for kiwi
            rail? Not to mention shit canning the awards system and then sucking up a Knighthood, the guy is a two faced shit.

          • CJA

            BTW admitting that it is a long bow kind of defeats your argument.

          • blazer

            iyo…means in YOUR opinion.

          • CJA

            Ahhh apologies not great on the text speak. Only know WTF, STFU, FYI etc.

          • CJA

            Oh and I also know BTW.

  • Pete George

    It’s looking like Labour are more amateur than GCSB. This may be just a random comment but I’ve heard similar claims before at The Standard:

    Scott GN: “Nice try Matthew. But you’re wrong. There doesn’t have to be a video.
    There simply needs to be an ‘idea’ planted into the public mindset.”

    Shearer’s office have certainly compromised GCSB, and the leaker from GCSB. And their leader who seems to have transformed into a political hit man (wet bus ticket armed).

  • Lofty

    This may well be the action that will turn the attention back where it needs to be…..on the lying and duplicitous lefties, green or red it is of no consequence, the modus operandi is the same. I hope to read of the raid on one of the opposition parties offices seizing potential evidence in the mornings herald and on tv news items.
    Instant action by the Govt is required…tonight!

    • disgusted

      hear, hear, couldn’t have said it better myself. um, apart from that FRAN mold, EX lefty journo tvnz, now political hack for labour, is literally in bed with a GCSB spook. go figure …join the dots people

  • David

    IsShearer learning impaired. As leader of the opposition who gets briefings and wants to be PM sometime he goes on national TV and declares a spook made a secret recording of the PM and then gives it to him and he sprays it all over the TV. This is just nuts, Shearer if he has been given such a thing which defies comprehension and shows the whole gscb needs purged that he is a complete fuckwit. Sure take it to the government over policy etc. but he has stepped over the line now.

    • Shearer may be impaired, but he’s learning. He’s finally realised that he’s got nothing to lose in this, while his opponent has everything to lose.

      As you point out, it probably doesn’t do him any long-term favours but did he ever have a realistic long-term prospect?

    • Lion_ess

      He probably suffers from premature ejaculation as well

  • “An investigation was now underway into the ‘‘leak’’ at the agency, he said.”

    So if there’s no tape then what’s been “leaked”? Lies or the truth?

    It appears a member of the GCSB has alleged Key spoke to them about the Dotcom case. Weighing the known facts, I wouldn’t be surprised if Key did. The witch-hunt further validates this.

    All is not right at the GCSB and from what Shearer’s said tonight, it appears there may be multiple unhappy campers at the GCSB. One has to wonder if it’s because Key has been shitting on them. If so then there’s no way he’ll allow an investigation. And this thing ain’t going to flush in a hurry. Massively damaging for Key either way.

    • Lofty

      Correct..there will be unhappy campers alright…….GCSB, .labour pollies and all…what fun..pass the popcorn Andy old son will ya. Not to mention a certain press secretary.

  • Troy

    Tinker (Robertson) Tailor (Chauvel) Soldier (Mallard) Spy (Cunliffe).

    • Cont

      With Fran Mold muddying the pie.
      Did she leak or take a peak?
      Agent R best get a sticky beak.

      • Troy

        Mold is a seditious bitch under instructions from other quarters in the Labour Party – anyone that thinks the GCSB is having problems, take a look again – at the Labour Party

  • Kimbo

    “If Shearer’s claims are true it also looks like the GCSB has broken the
    law, again. If it is illegal for the GCSB to record NZ residents then
    surely it is also illegal to record the New Zealand Prime Minister who
    also happens to be a NZ citizen. Is David Shearer complicit in assisting
    the GCSB to break the law?”

    Great angle, Cam! Hadn’t thought of it. Well done.

    But how inept is Labour that having raised the stakes, their bluff is called, and, “Shearer has no evidence, massive facepalm for
    Davi Shearer and tame journos at TV3. This is a new league of ineptness
    that is beyond the capabilities of even Trevor Mallard.”?

    Busted flush! And these guys are supposedly the Government in waiting?!

  • It’s Mike Williams & Pete Hodgson’s H-Fee revisited, and it looks as though the outcome will be the same; deja vu all over again.

    It’s also very reminiscent of Goff’s porkies and obfuscation over the briefing about the supposed Israeli spies in Christchurch last year. And the brothers are so busy patting themselves on the back over at The Standard that the truth hasn’t dawned on them yet.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Finally somthing blows right on the face of Sheep and his team of losers. I hope Kiwis get sick of this drama and punish these losers.

  • David

    Is David Shearer trying to put the security of NZ into question with these bullshit antics? These are the guys who have to work with overseas intelligence agencys – I’m sorry but Shearer trying to sling mud at anything WITHOUT physical proof just shows he does not have the chops for the top job.

  • overthehill

    So there’s no proof, simply because one agency (that stands to lose everything if a recording does exist, let’s bear in mind) says so? I wouldn’t trust Labour as far as I could spit them, I trust Shonky JonKey even less, and I trust GCSB not at all.

    Key doesn’t need to ‘get tough’, he needs to show a bit of those high ethical standards he claimed he was going to demand (except of course where ‘Honest John’ Banks is concerned), have a fucking spine for once and stop dodging and avoiding like a banker. He’s lost all credibility and the only way to regain ground is to front up on exactly what he knew and when, because if anything further comes out, from anywhere, he’s sunk.

    • 2ndAmendment

      He’s lost all credibility and the only way to regain ground is to head to the GCSB, fire everyone who has links to Labour and the unions, and then carry on through the rest of Wellington doing exactly the same thing.

      • Meg

        The only way to rebuild the credibility of the GCSB is for Key to fire himself.

    • Lofty

      The Shonkey Jonkey label……ID,s you and makes your comment invalid. Bzzzt FAIL.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Close down the CGSB – fire everyone, ban them from every again working in NZ or receiving benefits. Close down the rest as well: NAB, DESG. Take out the STG too, given how useless they proved themselves.

    Then set up a new Security Bureau – based in Auckland, not Wellington.
    Give them the mandate to fight subversion, terrorism, and economic crimes in NZ – to use whatever means are necessary to protect prosperity and security. Make sure Security Bureau agents are armed with the weapons and technology need to do their jobs, and the laws to let them use all means necessary without pettifogging bureaucracy, ombudsmen, or vexatious and insecure court cases.

    Yep – another commonsense Conservative policy.

    • tony

      and where would you get the specialists to man the ‘new’ department from? There are 4m in NZ and I would guess less than 200 who have anywhere near the experience and clearances to do what you want.

      • 2ndAmendment

        experience and clearances

        More left wing / unionist / wellington excuses and apologies.

        Short answer: ACT on Campus.

        Longer answer: I could do a hell of a lot worse than asking Whale to advertise here & on his radio show.

  • Tony

    This is not too-difficult a story to kill off.
    1. If the area was secure to allow SCI to be discussed then no cellphones etc are allowed.
    2. Thus, if recordings were made then they would be official and carry the same classification as the info provided.
    3. If the area was not secure then the PM would not have said a word-and officials would have stopped him from saying anything silly.
    Shearer is a cock and clearly does not know how things work – neither does TV3

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  • Mediaan

    My guess would be that there is a cafeteria recording, but as it was made illegally the staffie can’t be asked to produce it, even to help his pinko backers.

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  • CJA

    I don’t usually resort to swearing on this blog but I don’t really give a fuck about this. Kim Dotcom I also don’t give a fuck about. Who fucking cares? Can we please get back to trying to push through good policies for our country instead of resorting to this shit. Oh hang on the Greens and Labour don’t actually have any good policies because they’re a bunch of fucking morons. Right rant had.

  • Morgy

    Was it just me or did I watch Shearer in a train smash this morning on Firstline??

  • flipper

    Good Lord, Orca.
    What a post. Good stuff!
    Does it all amount to this: One current GCSB employee (G) is in a “relationship” wth a former GCSB employee (R) who is now in Shearer’s office
    Does this imply the relationship is plutonic? That would be likely, would it not? Afterall, homosexuality is regarded as a security risk, is it not? No? Well history suggests otherwise. But then there is the “rainbow” connection in Shearer land, is there not?
    So how to solve it? Solution: arrest and charge G (if there is evidence or he confesses after waterboarding (I jest) ) and expoise R by charging him with receiving information and passing it to Shearer, contrary to law.
    Inquiries will solve nothing. Helpful TORs and helpful inquiry memnbership will produce the result sought – but will not satisfy NZ, circa 2012.

  • owl

    What other information has been passed to Labour that is NOT ABOUT Kim Dot Com?

    This all makes sense – the Greens and Labour seem to have an endless supply of information on the matter.
    The offices of Labour and Greens need to be raided right now and secured in case other national security items have been disclosed.
    Whale Oil ascertion that the PM was spied upon and that a Labour staffer (I assume I have got that right) is handing this straight to Shearer is appalling.
    I thought about this situation last night and just come to the same conclusion..Shearer has been set up – by getting ahead of the game with the Greens they chewed too much off.
    The general public accepts a certain amount of surveilance in NZ but what the general public won’t accept is that any information gathered is then passed onto political parties to comprise everyday NZers.

    This is not even a good headline now – this is going to the core of how political parties are acting.

    Let me give you an example that David Shearer has to understand. “If” he becomes PM the Protection Services are aware of certain individuals who would be happy to met him in a dark alley. Imagine for one moment those names were released in the public domain. How would he feel.

    We the public expect that the PM of the day has certain information provided to him which is quite frankly “sensitive”. How can we trust Labour now that they are happy to shell out sensitive information or use informants within national security.

    The trust issue is now with Labour – go for gold with your headline grabbers and thanks for destabilising NZ security.

    Real statesman would of said months ago ” hey John, this Kit Dot Com guy – is he good for our country?. Well, will let you get on with it and I am sure you will make the right decision”

    • DavidW

      On wider front, how much real intelligence will the US share with us if our Government leaks like Julian Assange. Not only is Shearer making himself into the biggest dick since Pete Hodgson and the “H” fee debacle but he has singlehandedly destroyed our reputation around the world when it comes to trusting us to keep confidences. And that is even if he is correct, if he is not it becomes criminal.

      On the subject of Mold’s “partner” who I understand now works for DPI, surely he is bound by confidentiality, must have signed the OSA etc. What are the sanctions for breaching the Act?

      Of course there is precedent for someone being hounded out of a Government job (by one T Mallard I believe) for having a relationship with an opposition staffer. What on earth would prompt DPI to employ someone with that connection? – doesn’t matter how good he is, it should have been recognised as an unacceptable risk.

  • DavidW

    In other countries, the 6:45 from Porirua would leave a couple of bodies on the tracks this morning, but I guess that the rest of GCSB staff aren’t too wound up at being made to look like turkeys yet.

  • parorchestia

    Rodney Hide shredded Shearer, which is funny as they are best mates! A Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition should never make allegations like Shearer did without sound evidence. It appears he doesn’t have any, but was supplied lies by the bonk of one of his staff.
    Shearer has probably killed his leadership chances and, perhaps his party’s chance of forming a government. Certainly, those responsible for the “leak” should be uncovered with Shearer being forced to reveal his sources as a matter of national security, and punished according to law. Shearer made the mistake of talking outside Parliament, so privilege does not apply. Twit.

  • Anonymouse Coward

    Shearer is quoted on Radio NZ news this morning to have received his information from two independent sources.

    I wonder if this has parallels with the baby the “baby overboard” scandal in Australia where a politician told porkies and expected the civil servants involved to keep silent even at the cost of the civil servants integrity?