Is this the most shameless woman in New Zealand?

The expose of Maori stand-over by Sir Ngatata “Too Much” Love and his partner Lorraine Skiffington continues…they have certainly picked the pockets of much of Wellington. Nudge, Nudge, wink, wink, use the missus bro:

Sir Ngatata Love’s partner was paid more than $170,000 to resolve a property dispute for the Wellington City Council, which was unaware she was also being paid by developers planning to build on the land.

Documents released under the Local Government Official Information and Meetings Act show the council engaged Lorraine Skiffington to secure a sale and purchase of 2 Lambton Quay.

The site of the former Cecil Hotel was acquired by the Government during World War II to house US troops, but the Edmonds family fought a protracted legal battle against the Crown and the council to win it back in 2005 and 2006.

Council chief executive Garry Poole told The Dominion Post the council was left in a weak position on land needed for the capital’s transport system, with owners who had refused to negotiate with it.

Sir Ngatata, the Tenths Trust chairman, approached Mr Poole in May 2007, believing he could use his good relationship with the Edmonds “as a means of ending the stalemate”.

He proposed Ms Skiffington be engaged as a lead negotiator to strike a deal between the Edmonds family and the council, which would cover her costs, at $350 an hour.

Mr Poole said the council believed she worked as a lawyer for the Wellington Tenths Trust.

Over the following six months she filed three invoices totalling $154,350 plus GST.


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  • Scanner

    An extreme and blatant effort to “steal” money from the taxpayer, when will this shit come to a stop, any political party that campaigns on the platform of the removal and destruction of this divisive document would be elected in a landslide.
    Sir Ngatata Love is as guilty as any of the others and yet another example of why our honours system is as corrupt as the treaty of why the treaty and all its passengers should be pushed under the bus asap.

  • Jaffa

    Soon to be one of the richest!

  • Prince

    What sort of tinpot council hires this person on $350/hour, with no ceiling, on the basis of her partner having a ‘good relationship’ with the owners. That is outright extortion and bribery, and a total misuse of ratepayers funds. Is this the way WCC do business ? What else is under the rocks in this outfit ?

    • redeye

      One with a well paid Town Clerk and no reason to save. How does one get one of these jobs?

  • cows4me

    Good work if you can get it,money for fucking jam.

  • Agent BallSack

    It’s a toss up between her, Donna Hall and Brian Tamakis ‘wife’

  • Hard1

    Love is a crook , the real deal . He has an Iwi within an Iwi of around 30 family and hangers on .
    The rest of the actual Iwi get nothing .Why don’t they complain ? Nobody listens .

    • reitama

      yep – as one of he Wellington Te Ati Awa, it is a closed shop….Loves or Puketapu…great choice

      • Gazzaw

        So let some oxygen & sunshine in Reitama.

    • grandstream

      Why the outrage ? This is the maori economy at work. From the days of the early settler, the maori tribal structure worked in the same way in that once you get to the top, you needed to ensure that 1) you kept getting the lion share of teh spoils, and 2) the pecking order behind you was far enough away not to stab you in the back. The situation with Sir Love-a-lot is typical of what it takes to succeed in maoridom. In fact, you can even surmise that he was dobbed in by those close to him, who wanted a biiger slice of the pie. It was his own greed which caused enough envy for them to act. Love-a-lot’s mistake was that he couldnt distract them from what he was doing……

  • blokeintakapuna

    I hope the MSM confront the Maori King for his thoughts on Sir Love’s “business nous” and for teh Maori Kings opinions?

  • blazer

    most regional councils in NZ indulge in financial cronyism,disguised in various ways…consultancies ,reports,etc.The majority on the gravy train are europeans,right school,golf club,church.

    • Patrick

      Build a house on a rural property & you will “employ” a “cultural consultant” This chappie will be paid around $1500 to sit in his car eating fish & chips while the excavator scratches away the topsoil. So far I am yet to see a European employed in this role. Mind you these cultural consultants are in reality 7/8ths European descendants so maybe I am completely wrong.
      I am also yet to see what benefit the NZ economy sees from this “tax” on whitey.

      My guess is the majority of NZ Maori are to see any substantive benefit from the wealth redistribution started under “Sir” Douglas Graham.

  • Glenn in Masterton

    WO : You keeping a running total of the fleecing that this thieving pair have amassed? Could be a good page banner….

    • Scanner

      Nothing disinfects like sunlight, and this cozy little pair of crooks need to feel the sunlight.

  • mickrodge

    Mind you, worst case scenario she does 6months in Arohata before returning in glory (a la Donna Awatere Huata) to a hero/martyr’s welcome to her gold feathered nest.
    Now there’s a deterrent.

  • davcav

    So, 485 hours of labour over 6 months to help “smooth the deal” with people they had a good relationship with. How do I get a number like that?