It is all the fault of the meter

Simon Collins has continued to pimp the poor in the Herald today. This time it is a bludger with 12 children complaining that the reason his kids are sick is because he uses a particular power meter:

A survey of 324 households on prepaid meters by Otago University public health researchers has found that 51 per cent of those with children allowed their power to go off at least once in the past year because they could not afford to top up the meters.

Almost three-quarters (70.5 per cent) said they shivered inside at least once last winter as a result.

Papakura solo dad Abraham Tangiwai, a father of 12 who has six living with him, said his youngest, Doris, 8 and Troy, 4, had had more colds each winter since he went on to Mercury Energy’s Glo-bug prepaid meter system after receiving a shock $900 power bill four years ago.

“We run out of power just about every week. Sometimes we spend a whole day or two days without power if it cuts out on a Friday or Saturday because you have to pay $5 to reconnect at the weekend.”

He said the family never used heaters, to save costs, and he usually cooked outside on the barbecue rather than use electricity. The children “find it hard”.

“Doris has had four colds this winter. She’s been off school for three or four days, sometimes all week,” he said. “She doesn’t like being outside in the winter having a feed.”

An older daughter, aged 16, has had rheumatic fever.

Perhaps if he stopped fathering children without the ability to pay for them his problem would go away. Don;t you just love these people who blame everyone but themselves for their impoverished state.


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  • 2ndAmendment

    allowed their power to go off at least once in the past year because they could not afford to top up the meters

    Sounds pretty damn good to me. Can’t pay? No power! Frankly these kind of meters should be compulsory for all bludgers – no sane power company should supply a bludger unless they’ve got a prepaid meter. Ditto phones.

    Why do bludgers think power – or for that matter, food, lodging, weekends & evenings not working, and all the rest – are a right?. The answer is of course leftist indoctrination via “state schools” – that completely obscures the simple truth.

    Power and anything else is a privilege, not a right. Another privilege bludgers don’t deserve.

    • cows4me

      2ndAmendment, you should know better. Anything material is now a human right, paying for them is someone elses job.

    • Name

      What happens when you don’t put gas in your car? it doesn’t go.

      Why should power be any different – perhaps if he turned off the 50″ plasma or perhaps didn’t have so many kids he would be sweet

  • Travis Poulson

    Big bill on a normal ‘pay for what you use’ meter, not happy. Running out of power on a ‘use what you paid for’ meter, still not happy.

  • steve and monique

    12 kids!!!.FFS.Is he working. If not how much is he sucking off the taxpayer.Suggest he gets fixed before he ends up with a bakers dozen.

    • phronesis

      12 he knows about anyway…

  • BigFresh

    “dont you just love these people who blame everyone but themselves for their impoverished state”.

    WO, I think if you re-read your own blog entry above, you’d find that your quoted bludger hasn’t apportioned blame on anyone or anything. He’s just stated a few facts. Hey, but don’t let a few facts get in the way of another Bludger beat-up!

    Weird… I would have thought the spell checker on the WO blog would have recognized the word “‘bludger’ , but apparently not…

    • In Vino Veritas

      Big, if you actually read the article in the paper, Mr Tangiwai says his kids have had more colds each winter since he changed to Mercury’s glo-bug prepaid meter system. Sounds pretty much like blaming to me. I’m sure your retraction and apology to WO will be made in short order.

    • Agent BallSack

      Mercury’s Glo-bug system cost 6.2 per cent more than monthly billing because customers on it pay the full standard rates for power and cannot get a discount for prompt payment.

      Perhaps if he went to a real power company and cut his nuts off he wouldn’t be in this position

      • metalnwood

        The article says they pay 6.5% more as if they would ever get the discount. 100% if they cant pay it day by day they wouldn’t have the money aside for paying the whole amount for the discount.

      • Gazzaw

        Since that episode a few years back involving the Tongan family whose power was cut off & the mother died Mercury has bent over backwards to work with these families. They have staff whose sole job is to work with agencies, budgeting services, churches etc so there’s no reason other than pure bloody indolence for Mr Tangiwai’s situation.

        I wonder whether Simon Collins fro the Horrid bothered to call Mercury but then I seem to be continually asking stupid questions today.

    • Mr_Blobby

      You sound like a vested interest Beneficiary to me. Care to enlighten us as to what state assistance you are on.

  • Gazzaw

    I suppose it’s a stupid question to ask but does Mr Tangiwai have a job?

    • Lion_ess

      Yes a stupid question. Funny there’s no mention of Mrs Mouse either

    • Agent BallSack

      “Papakura solo dad Abraham Tangiwai” – Breeder.

  • tarkwin

    This just shows what a crap publication the Herald has become, they don’t even bother trying to disguise their leanings anymore.

    • Patrick

      Sorry I must defend the NZ Herald – makes a sterling “little lucifer” for starting the wood burner fire, rip pages in half, screw into a tight ball, kindling on top & away you go. Mind you I cannot think of another use for the once mighty NZ Herald.

  • In Vino Veritas

    70% shiver inside? What sort of scientific conclusion is that? I’d venture to suggest that 85% of people would “shiver inside” at least once last winter in their house.
    There’s also the fact that you don’t catch a cold just because the weather is cold, its a viral infection of the upper respiratory tract. Colds are most often “caught” via close proximity – and funnily enough, kids are therefore susceptable when returning to school. Mr Tangawai has no idea.
    It’s also laughable (or just plain stupidity) that he feeds his kids outside, just because they are cooking on a bbq.

    • Patrick

      he is outside because he got on the piss with his mates in the shed & cannot manage to stagger back into the house where the 12 little cherubs are awaiting for their daddy to cook them some dinner.

  • hmmm, my response to ending up with a huge power bill one winter was to go onto Evenpay (I’m with Genesis….I know other providers have similar things) as it makes sense to be paying the same amount every fortnight.
    Yes you’re paying for more than you use summer, but you don’t get nasty situations in winter where you are too scared to try keep your kids warm. And whats more you can actually work it into your budget if you know exactly what the amount is….but then by the sounds of things Mr Tangiwai isn’t one to do much planning.

    • Mr_Blobby

      Planning. Probably doesn’t think much past where he is going to find another slapper to put his dick into. Plenty of money for alcohol and cigarettes. The Government will feed the kids, saves having to get up in the morning, after a hard night of drinking and rooting.

      Honestly what is going to happen when we can no longer afford this level of stupidity?

      • 2ndAmendment

        We can’t afford it now!

        Cameron Bagrie:

        New Zealand had its own issues with net external debt of 72 per cent of GDP. “That is world class, at the Spain end of the spectrum,” he said.
        “In close to four years after we had a global financial crisis, New Zealand still runs a current account deficit of 4 per cent of GDP so every $1 we earn, we spend $1.04.”

        • blazer

          don’t worry….Capt America has a plan….borrow and hope!

          • Gazzaw

            ….alternatively I suppose he could try and sell Kiwirail for what Captain Arsehole Cullen bought it for.

          • blazer

            you could get Fay Richwhite to find a buyer…oh thats right they tried that before!

          • pukakidon

            Cullen was more senior than a Captain Arsehole. He got to the rank of Major Arshole.

  • Agent BallSack

    You have to ask yourself Mr Tangiwai, how much is your childrens health worth to you? Not having electricity because you don’t want to pay $5 to be reconnected over the weekend seems like a pretty piss poor excuse for a father. Would be interested to see what sort of electronic equipment sits inside his house. Bet the Sky bill gets paid every month.

    • AnonWgtn

      But Sky is paid for by Winz

      • Name

        Ever noticed the poorer the area, the more density of sky dishes, takeways, V8’s or Subarus?

        Its sickening that Labour support these people yet they have a lifestyle that many of us with crappy cars and modest lifestyles dream of – and by the time they retire the ones who have saved money won’t get a pension but they will?

        Why the constant moaning about poor people? thats all we ever hear – how about the rest of us who are just going to work and living our lives and feeding our kids, yet mr 12 kids gets a new people mover, free sky, his kids soon to be fed at school and no incentive to get off his backside and stop breeding?

        • tarkwin

          Moerewa is a classic example, every house has a sky dish and no lawn mower.

      • Lion_ess

        Surely you joke about Winz paying an allocation of benefit for Sky

        • RightOfGenghis

          I can assure you this is no joke. WINZ will happily pay a Sky subscription to avoid depriving the kids an opportunity to experience the full range of educational programmes on offer. My son routinely comes home from a hard day’s graft to find the feral breeder next door prostrate in front of the tele with MTV blaring forth!

  • Mr_Blobby

    Yes it is a stupid question. 12 Kids 6 living with him the rest spread around the multiple mothers a retard like that couldn’t earn more than the benefit.

  • baw

    I would appreciate the opinion of a neutral budgeting adviser. Then we would know the real situation, rather than feelings or an exceptional case.

  • Hard1

    These stories are deliberate wind-ups . Simon Collins is actually taking the piss with these articles . Not one of them have been newsworthy .

    • AnonWgtn

      All part of the greater “Ambrose” Utu against Key.
      Media still leading the Opposition to National and will get what they wish for in 2014 – a Greenpeace, Labour, Winston Government with Greenpeace New Zealand Branch leading the charge, as Labour cannot not give them what they want –
      they have waited 20 years to get them power they now have.

    • blazer

      think you may well be right.

  • Lion_ess

    Mr Tangiwai should relocate his family to Tuvalu – it’s nice and warm there.

  • BJ

    First and foremost — castration. Opshop woolens and thermals – cheaper than power and the daughter doen’t have to eat outside just because he cooks outside. Try some cayenne pepper in their diet and in their shoes – that’ll warm them up

  • Hmmm, 27 comments, and I wonder if anyone’s read the original story. It’s at
    And no, it’s not a dig at Cam, maybe NZH changed the link…

    • Lion_ess

      Most of the comments reference the story – what is your point?

      • Name

        link in blog post is wrong….

  • OldMichael

    Wait a minute…….bullshit alert.
    “He said the family never used heaters, to save costs, and he usually cooked outside on the barbecue rather than use electricity. ”
    So, why are they cold if he does not use heaters, and how will more electricity help?
    And he has money for a BBQ (assuming he uses gas), which costs a lot more than the stove in his tax-payer-funded house? (Granted, if he collecs free wood and burns that, he will be cooking cheaply, but if that is true I’ll eat my hat – he does not have the time to collect firewood, he is too busy fathering children.)
    Electricity is actually very cheap. At around 25 cents per KW-hour, you can run a 1Kw heater for 2 days on the cost of just one packet of fags. Or a whole 5 days for the cost of 2 dozen bottles of Tui. And if you live in a state house with an efficient heat pump, you get a gearing of 2 or 3 times depending on how efficient your heat pump is. Electric blankets have a high initial cost (but the cost varies, and the cheap ones work quite well but lack multi-control features), and will keep children cozy all night even if their rooms are not heated. The list goes on…..but he would have stopped listening long ago if I were telling him this.

  • blazer

    very hard to have much sympathy with this guy.

  • Rodney

    If you could help one of these people in this situation would you?

    • 2ndAmendment

      Of course not.

  • Dave

    seems to me we should base a benefit around these meters. Run out of money, yough shit, go without until next bene day. Dont come in asking for more, or a top up, learn to budget.

  • kthxbai

    Christ Almighty, we didn’t even HAVE electricity when I was a kid – too remote. Even when we did get it, it was off half the time.

    Whate – please do a profile on these Otago University ‘researchers’ at some stage. They’re attached to the Medical School, including in Wellington, and are mostly sociologists with an axe to grind. And not a brain to rub between them – if you hear them speak at length, it’s gobsmacking the extent to which they start from a political premise and think from there. Objectivity is out.