Job Summit – Solution lies with the Greens

Job Summit ? Solution lies with the Greens ? Observation by the Owl

What I am about to demonstrate is not so much what the exchange rate interference as suggested will do to the sale and purchase of manufactured goods in NZ but what the customers will pay.
The rules of a business is simpleAt the end of the day it is what the international customers are willing to pay ? not what it costs to produce.

  1. I expect all economists will totally disagree with my formula and happy for the debate ? manufacturing is about making something better and cheaper than your opposition ? devaluing the dollar will deprive manufacturers of profit margins if their raw material components are imported.Do customers want it?
  2. Can you make it?
  3. At what price?

Observation by the Owl

The Greens should not call a National Enquiry when they are the major part of the problem. Labour and the NZ First under the Job Crisis summit are allowed to form their own party policies.

Policy number 1: Don?t invite the Greens

Policy number 2: Buy a digger

Policy number 3: Give tax breaks for all primary producing companies

There is a very simple solution to all this ? let?s start our own primary raw manufacturing industry so we aren?t reliant on imported raw materials.

The way to do that is simple ? we need to mine our own raw materials ? seriously there is no need for a job summit. Problem solved