Jones & Hughes – Dysfunction

Q+A was a bit of a yawn at the weekend, but it did serve to show the dysfunction that Labour and the Greens have on policy.

Shane Jones, who has no portfolio responsibilities, somehow found himself debating Gareth Hughes on Oceans policy (perhaps his swan song??).  He is certainly sounding more and more the new spokesman for scampi quota fishing interests.

But so it has also come to pass that the Greens will now blindly support the US at the expense of Kiwi jobs.


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  • thor42

    Hah! The Greens actually supporting the “nasty, evil” US on something!
    Gee…. who would have thought it……
    I seem to remember a saying – “politics makes strange bedfellows.” That’s the case here.

  • andrew

    Shane Jones, for his faults, is the only one from the left to actually highlight what will be a major stumbling block to the greens and labour working together.

    Which will it be, the environment or the workers?

  • “But so it has also come to pass that the Greens will now blindly support the US at the expense of Kiwi jobs.”

    That’s alright because the Greens will just print up some money to give to those who loose their jobs.

  • pukakidon

    He is a shifty little bugger isnt he? He is always wheedling some dishonest underhanded activity, belittling the workers in this country. Jones made him and the Watermelons look stupid. I would say the Gaggle will be getting ready to give him the short shaft soon. His common sense is threatening their only hope at getting close to the trough.
    The coalition of the damned could be at risk otherwise.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Let us get some facts right here Whale Army. Gareth the Carrot Hughes will be the Environment Minister in Sheep Shearer’s grand cabinet of the grand toxic coalition. Shane the “movie” Jones would have been kicked out of the Labourer party soon and hence he is irrelevant. Carrot Hughes will be imposing an environment levy on the Kiwis to fund global warming research.

  • Travis Poulson

    “green priests” nice one Shane