Jumping the Shark

Martyn Bradbury tries to appear smart but fails with this utterance:

The Labour Party have just been caught out again by the far quicker Green Party. Labour were quietly discussing quantitative easing at the very top of the Party, the Greens have jumped the shark by launching the debate yesterday on Q+A and have claimed their alternative economic policy spurs once again.

Martyn Bradbury clearly doesn’t know what jumping the shark means other wise he would never had used it in that manner.

Jumping the shark is an idiom created by Jon Hein that is used to describe the moment in the evolution of a television show when it begins a decline in quality that is beyond recovery. The phrase is also used to refer to a particular scene, episode or aspect of a show in which the writers use some type of “gimmick” in a desperate attempt to keep viewers’ interest.

On the other hand he inadvertently placed the most accurate label yet on the Green’s and now Labour’s batshit crazy financial ideas. Next thing they will all be buying weird sunglasses and purple crimplene suits in their march to financial control of the country.


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  • Guest

    Bradbury needs to be more careful, or he is going to get struck off as a real estate agent.

  • Pete George

    It may be a typo, he may have meant humping the shark:

    The Reserve Bank competing on world currency markets is “as futile as the minnow humping the shark”.

    • +1

    • Mr_Blobby

      We would probably just be a light afternoon snack for the shark.

  • Doc

    Heh. An unintentionally accurate description! Almost poetic…

  • Agent BallSack

    Ironically the paper is worth more than the money. Especially if you use it to wipe your arse with.

    • Alloytoo

      If memory serves it was only printed on one side, they couldn’t afford double sided money.

    • Mr Sackunkrak

      And the notes had a “use before” date too.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Russel Muslei Norman will be your Finance Minister and Deputy Prime Minister in 2014 Tories. What has New Zealand done to deserve maniacs like him running this beautiful country of ours? Rest in peace NZ in 2014.

    • Bradbury is just an illiterate half educated idiot.

      The left wing of the political spectrum attracts knuckle draggers like Bradbury as a rubbish tip attracts flies.

    • Exclamation Mark

      It’s funny how the left loved to put the boot into Paul Hanson when she was still around, no less so than when she suggested that Australia print more money as a solution to their Economic woes. Oh how everyone laughed at that one.

      But now? Well now it’s just the best idea, can we expect Russell Norman and co to give Pauline a big shout out for having such a swell idea years ahead of her time?

  • CJA

    Slightly off topic but I though Steven Joyce did a good job this morning on Firstline explaining why printing money is not a great idea. The interviewer (blond guy with glasses can never remember his name) was getting owned so quickly tried to change the topic and Joyce just said “No that’s not right” and continued down the same question path. Was kind of thinking after watching the Newsroom (anyone watch it? It’s on Soho and it’s quite good) that the producer would have been shouting in his ear to change topic. “Danger! Danger Will Robinson”.

    • blazer

      Joyce is great at pretending he knows what hes talking about.Has no solution,unless you count whats in his hand everyday.

      • CJA

        Wasn’t asked for a solution (like to hear what your solution may be), he was just asked about the quantitive easing the Greens are currently proposing.

        • blazer

          fair enough….he understands what doesn’t work….perhaps he should enlighten the Fed and the ECB!

  • Back at the 1978 General Election, I remember seeing a bumper sticker that said “If Social Credit is the answer, it must have been a stupid question”. The same one could be reproduced in 2012, but coloured Green.

  • Agent BallSack

    My favourite episode was when he jumped the Polaskey twins.

  • JK

    A bit off topic but part of the reasoning behind the Greens current state of mind:
    I hope that you can find somebody to translate this for you. I haven’t got the time, I’m afraid.
    This article describes that green policy supporting politicians in Brussels seem to be withdrawing this support. Brussels turning their back on the UN drive to destroy all western economies for the glory of a UN led (sustainable) world government would be a major threat for the greens in all their varies organizational forms as these groups all seem to work as the UN’s environmental combat troops.
    Russell must feel just about being cornered by these developments. Well, at least I hope he does and that he therefore will make more of these stupid remarks. Unless he is busy doing something else in the background, hidden behind this economical smokescreen.

  • Dr Wang

    Bradbury is a simpleton, so no surprise that he has butchered this attempt to appear on
    the pulse.

    For example, his website claims that “Martyn has ranked consistently in the top 100% of Auckland salespeople since joining the Real Estate industry”.

    Um Martyn you numpty, every single salesperson in Auckland is (by definition) included in the top 100%, there’s absolutely nothing exclusive about claiming that achievement. It is also identical to the bottom 100% of salespeople, that includes them all too.

    If he struggles to this extent with the English language (both traditional and “street”), and has zero understanding of the financial world, Bradbury could claim to be the most dangerous Real Estate salesperson in Auckland to deal with – but that’s about all.

  • Mark

    I have the full set framed on my wall to remind me of how stupid & evil commies are.

    • polish pride

      Perhaps you should get a set of US dollar bills to put on the wall next to them to remind you of the cause of the current global financial crisis..
      Pity they only want a free market up until the point that they are about to fail. Then it is whoa lets bring in socialism to bail us out at the taxpayers expense.

      • Mark

        If the US had a free market they would not have the problems they have now,bunch of socialists it was that said Fanny & Freddie had to lend to those they knew would never be able to “tote the note” A free market would have let those fail that should have & we would be out of the GFC by now,pay now or later is the choice,but yeah keep kicking that can down the road.

        • Polish Pride

          Yes Mark because it was only Fanny Mae and Freddy Mac that were the problem… If the US had a free market the banks would have been allowed to fail, not bailed out on the tax payers ticket.
          See it strikes me that given that you know about Fanny Mae and Freddy Macs role in this that you probably have a good understanding of why the GFC happened. Yet despite that you selectively pull out juts those two and their role because they help you make the arguement you are trying to. Look at the whole picture however and your argument isn’t so flash now is it!

          • double d

            US policy driven by a sense of “we all deserve to own our own home” made loans via institutions such as Fanny and Freddy possible. This ignored the fact loans were not given out previously to this class of borrower was the risk profile was too high. This is a clear case of not letting free markets act. They should have let the banks fail, but the theory of unintended consequences had well and truly kicked in…..

          • blazer

            thats the ‘excuse’ peddled by Wall St.Fanny and Freddie were really Govt mortgage lenders.It was Wall St with their toxic CDO’s and synthetic derivatives and CDS’,and their total GREED ,and lack of any morals or ethics,aided and abetted by their bought and paid for politicians that caused the GFC.And not much has changed.

          • Mark

            “If the US had a free market the banks would have been allowed to fail, not bailed out on the tax payers ticket”
            No argument from me there,but I saw no need to post a complete list,you do appear to understand what I was getting at.
            Another selection would include GM,etc screwed by the union extortionists,but again not allowed to fail.
            I’ll make it clear,the GFC was & continues to be caused by Government interference in the mixed market Govt has established.
            Yet we see the “Free Market” & “Capitalism” blamed,bullshit!

  • Alex

    Astounds me. The Greens are correct about the GFC being caused, in large part, by “counterfeiting” of currency by the banks; but it defies belief how they think the remedy is for the State to engage in the same sort of practice.

    I suspect this is just a good news opportunity for the Greens, who are milking it for all it’s worth. Once again, they’re stealing Labour’s thunder and looking like a dynamic opposition party.

    But it worries me when the media think this idea is sufficiently credible to ask the PM what he thinks about it. Labour should be worried about its future — and that of NZ — when this sort of policy is accepted as credible. I hate Labour, but at least they have since 1984 adhered to our current monetary policy settings.

    • blazer

      yes ,of course the correct action,is to let the yanks print money and then borrow some of that money off them and pay them interest on it.Brilliant!!

  • About right?