Like flies on sh*t

Someone brought their pets to the office:

A fly infestation will force the evacuation of two ministerial offices today.

Level 19 of Bowen House will be swept and fumigated from midday, forcing Attorney General Chris Finlayson, Revenue Minister Peter Dunne and around 15 staff out.

It’s understood the bugs are vinegar flies and the problem became obvious earlier in the week in Finlayson’s office and spread through the suites.

”We are not full of flies, although there a few pesky ones about,” a source said. ”Good excuse to head off early for the weekend.”


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  • Tristanb

    In a normal office, they’d get out the flyspray, spray the flies, then get back to work.

    I thought I’d copy out verbatim what Penn State Uni says about the life history of vinegar flies and have highlighted what I think might be causing the infestation in this case:

    “The larvae feed primarily on the yeast found in fermenting, liquefying
    items. Over-ripe tomatoes and bananas are commonly infested, as are
    rotting potatoes and onions. The liquid that remains in the bottom of
    beer cans
    held for recycling can also support vinegar fly larvae. Flies
    will breed in any soured, decaying substance such as wet mops and
    accumulations of food particles behind or under kitchen equipment.
    Drains, which have a gelatinous growth of scum, can also support an
    infestation of vinegar flies.”

    • Gazzaw

      In other words Tristan the offices are probably filthy and you wouldn’t give the staff who use the kitchen houseroom.

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Amazing how this mass skyving off only happens in Govt departments. The rest of us use fly killer and carry on working. Wages will be adjusted right?
    The whole Civil Service probably knocked of early anyway – lazy unproductive bastards