Lying is naughty Julia

Julia Gillard has earned the nickname “Juliar” in Australia and with each passing day it sticks because of fresh allegations and evidence confirming the impression that Australia’s Prime Minister is an accomplished liar:

A TRADE union association from which hundreds of thousands of dollars were stolen by a former boyfriend of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, was only registered after Ms Gillard vouched for its legitimacy to authorities in Western Australia.

Ms Gillard – then a salaried partner with the law firm Slater & Gordon – wrote to the WA Corporate Affairs Commission in mid-1992 confirming that the Australian Workers Union Workplace Reform Association was a legitimate organisation under WA law.

In August the Herald reported that Ms Gillard may have breached West Australian corporations law by her involvement in setting up an association for her then-boyfriend Bruce Wilson, a senior AWU official, because the application documents, lodged by then state secretary, Ralph Blewitt, for the association stated its purpose was the ”development of changes to work to achieve safe workplaces”.

During an investigation into her work by Slater & Gordon in 1995, Ms Gillard described the association as a ”slush fund” that would be used to bankroll union election campaigns.

The newly confirmed correspondence contradicts claims by Ms Gillard that she did no more than provide limited professional advice about establishing the association at the centre of the corruption scandal involving Wilson.


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  • Scanner

    An oldie but a goodie – How can you tell when a politician is lying?
    Their lips move.

  • fozzie

    Ditto our Liar In Chief Johnny

    • Shearer has been caught lying badly in the past couple of days

    • Lion_ess

      Who really gives a toss about which date it was. All politicians lie/don’t remember – this brouhaha is about labour not having any credible leadership or policies.

    • Travis Poulson

      I didn’t know my driver was going 160 kmph, I was too busy to notice.

  • Allan

    Pull your head out of your butt fozzie, if you leaned any further left you would fall over. John Key is one of the most honest leaders that the country has seen for a long time.
    The trouble with this country that the minute the current regime try anything to positive for the future of the country all of the doomsayers and negative thinkers of the left fall over themselves spouting forth meaningless criticism. As I have repeatedly said the left wingers had their chance and wasted 10 years of the best economic conditions that the world had seen for a long time. Cullen and Clark lied repeatedly about the Govt expenditure and left the country’s finances in a total mess when they bribed their way into a their last term of Govt with unsustainable election promises.The current regime has gone a long way in trying to remedy things. All I can say is thank goodness for John Key and his Government because if the country had had any socialist Govt running the place we would have been going in the same direction as Greece and the rest of the EU.

    • fozzie

      Honest John – just about threw up in my coffee when I read that. Lies or a bad or a fast developing case of dementia -your pick ? As for Shearer wa’il if he ran with a story without the evidence then more fool him does not make Keyl lies any less acceptable

  • 2ndAmendment

    OF course John Key is lying. When even leftie Gareth Morgan comes out and says “New Zealand’s economy is as bad as Spain and Greece” then Key must be lying pretty damn hard to keep on smiling and waving?

    Why do we stil have welfare?
    Why do we still have socialist health and education?
    Why do we still have unions?

    All because Key is incapable of telling the truth.

  • Patrick

    She is dodgy, very very dodgy & it is an indictement on Abbott that he has been unable to “defrock” her.
    Unlike Aunty Helen she is either no good at covering her tracks or needs a “H2” to do it for her.