Maybe Amy Adams isn’t a Socialist after all

Amy Adams was causing a lot of people in the National party an awful lot of worry by looking like she was a socialist. She took Lyin? Len Brown’s sneaky plan to stitch up developers and force Auckland into a series of slums around the rail lines to cabinet and was told to go away and do her homework properly and come back with a non-socialist answer.

That is what she has done. Lyin? Len won?t be able to turn Auckland into some grotesque series of Banlieues as he can’t take away the right of appeal for developers when the council try to force them to build these slums in a beautiful city.

Next up is for Amy to realise that socialism is evil where ever it is found and tell the New Zealand?s biggest bludgers, farmers, to stop asking for government money to give them free water. That?s going to be one of the big battles in the next five years, and if Amy goes all socialist on this she is never going to make it to Prime Minister.