Mold Tries the Moroney Effect, Ctd

An observant reader comments on my earlier post about Fran Mold attempting to counter the Moroney Effect.

 On the back of the womans weak-ly article – it’s worth pointing out that the red car of shame is actually an Audi, and the lovely farmhouse they are pictured in front of is in rural lifestyle area Matangi – actually Lindsay Tisch’s electorate, which her kids were schooled in.  Yeah, she’s really keen on supporting the blue collar workers in Hamilton West…and their schools..

I know plenty of MP’s both National and Labour don’t live in their electorates, but not many as sanctimonious about looking after the downtrodden as Sue…I’m sure a Toyota Corolla would have done the trick, why Audi?…and if you want to go European why not a nice Finnish Tunturi?

It certainly looks like Sue Moroney has borrowed the Greens shield of sanctimony.

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  • i think it CAN BE a dirty tactic bringing your kids into politics for the wrong reasons.

    the photo looks like the photographer told a joke to try to extract a smile from the boys, Boy on the left thinks “im not falling for that” boy on the right thinks “mildly amusing, i suppose”

    Sue of course is a Labour politician who is well trained in holding a fake smile for extended lengths of time is almost saying out of the side of her mouth “FZCKS SAKE BOYS…JUST SMILE WOULD YOU?”

    • Troy

      How embarassing for the two boys who will no doubt get lots of shit from their friends… this is typical of Moroney,,, everywhere she goes, everything she does flops… what a clothead bint she is.

  • Alloytoo

    I’m no longer amazed how the self appointed representatives of the poor huddled masses insist on driving expensive German Autos

    • Agent BallSack

      You dont expect the elite to bow to the tenets of communism they expect us to live under do you? Off to the Gulag!

  • Agent BallSack

    A nice can of Candy Apple red spray paint will soon put things right, I’ve got a dollar each way on Sue Moron and Sue Money

  • ConwayCaptain

    Interesting to know what Govt supplied cars each MP drives???

    • Blue Tim

      She doesn’t get a govt car

  • ConwayCaptain

    She looks beter in the picture on the side of the car than she does in the photo.

    • Agent BallSack

      Its the marshmallow necklace CC

    • Patrickm

      Same spraypainting crew as worked on Dear Leader Hulun is my guess.

  • stanman

    i simply cant stand people that have airbrushed(massively) pictures to hide extraordinarily ordinary mugs…………she’s knows the path to Bellamy’s

  • Liberty

    Shouldn’t that be

    “Just a Labour list MP

    Licensed parasite’

    On the side of the car.

  • cows4me

    Where’s the, “to pillage and enslave”, sign?