More rates rises under Brown

I hope all those people out there who voted for Len Brown are enjoying their never-ending rates rises in conjunction with user charges. The Night Mayor has quietly announced that the next round of rates rises will be just under 4%.

Auckland Mayor Len Brown is expecting an overall rates increase of “well below 4 per cent” when he tables the first cut of next year’s budget on Thursday.

The figures now show a rates increase of 5.3 per cent, based on the work scheduled in the long-term plan, but Mr Brown is confident of bringing this down with “rats and mice service reductions” rather than any big bang measures, such as the proposal to close Snells Beach and Grey Lynn libraries.

Lyin’ Len Brown should be reminded every day by proper journalists that he promised to keep rate rises to the rate of inflation. Well the CPI  at the moment is 0.8%, so any talk of rates rises of near 4 % is just having a Len-d of ratepayers.

Let’s get this straight rates are a tax. Show me a government that lasts when year on year they increase taxes without any discernible improvement in services.

When will we have local body politicians with the gumption to promise and actually deliver rates decreases across the board with a corresponding slashing of wasteful troughers and their projects.

The super city was supposed to deliver savings and so far len Brown has delivered nothing more than rates increases.

It is fast getting to the point where rates need to be abandoned and a poll tax brought in along with uniform user charges, so that huge households using vast quantities of water and sewerage services pay for the privilege.

Even the tosser of C&R, whatever the hell that stands for these days are talking about rates rises…albeit smaller ones. It is bullshit and it has to stop.


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  • Name

    What? more rates rises? Oh that’s because the vast majority of the idiots who support him have never paid tax anyway – gotta recoup from those 1% rich pricks.

  • blazer

    got to pay for those $158,000 directors fees somehow….cushy number.

    • Name

      So its those pesky directors – not a hand out to all the people south of Mangere bridge, nor trains tacks?

      You really need to stop spewing this crap.

      • blazer

        you know those directors are over paid bludgers…a cardboard cutout could do their ‘jobs’.

    • AnonWgtn

      Not the Directors, there are only a few of them.
      It is the very highly remunerated employees, and stratad downwards, alongside their former employee Consultants.

    • conwaycaptain

      How come the managers of the Council Controlled Organisations require CEOs on 600-800 K pa. The PM earns less than half that. Plus all their perks.
      ASbout time someone went into these councils and cut the troughers off at the knees.

  • geez i feel sorry for you suburbanites.

  • Whafe

    Funny Cam seeing this post. I pulled up the driveway last night and was having a yarn with my neighbour re this exact topic… He has just got back yesterday from France and Germany.. We were yarning how this rates issue would not be tolerated over there etc etc…
    I don’t know how those that voted for Lyin Len Brown can even stomach this crap re rises.. Again there needs to be a revolt, this is just down right lying to the 9th degree… The Super City will save money, my ass it will…
    And on top of that, Lyin Len Brown made it tot he top 10 mayors around the world. Must have been chaired and voted on my goats!

    • farmgirl

      France has just imposed new taxes, partly on property, and more are forecast. We have socialist Francois Hollande in the Elysee. He is pictured by the caricaturists (something in which France excels) as a rather pudgy amiable fellow, tottering along and blinking as though bewildered at his luck.
      And I can’t see Germany escaping heavier fiscal burdens, either, given Merkel’s determination to back the Euro. The German taxpayer now carries not only the economic stragglers of East Germany but also the massed, entitlement-frenzied freeby-seekers of Greece and Spain.

  • Alloytoo

    All that’s needed is a candidate with the balls to say they’ll can the Maori council, inner rail loop, stupid V8 decisions and the like.

    • Gazzaw

      ……..& a majority of councillors.

  • Allyson

    Red Len has shown no hunger or desire to bring home the cost savings of amalgamation. His polical dogma requires that we keep valuable assets under state control and increase rents and rates to pay for more of the same unwanted unnecassary rubbish. This is enough. Red Len must go and he must go now.

  • Richard

    Absolutely right Cam. The whole problem stems from the use of property valuation as the basis for setting rates. Valuations have NO connection whatever to the cost of council supplied services, which should be all set as a uniform charge as you suggest. While ratepayers remain captive to the whims and pie in the sky ideas of councils, rate increases will continue as the money is seen as so easy to get.

    • Michael

      totally. I never understood how a million dollar property used more “services” than a 195k property did.

      User pays, that’s a good way to level the burden.

      • Patrickm

        Thatcher’s Poll Tax was the most equitable method of paying for services & still is. Revenue was gathered on a per person ratio not based on some cockeyed government valuation of private property rating system.

        • conwaycaptain

          Poll tax has been tried twice in the UK. Once in the Middle Ages and it caused a revolt. Also by Mrs T and it almost bought her down and there were riots in the streets.

          • Patrickm

            Yes but only because those that were being asked to contribute a fair share caused mayhem. That is the issue with introducing “user pays”. Look at NZ where the minority of taxpayers are supporting the majority of layabouts, user pays would never be accepted as the likes of Minto, Bradford et al would play merry hell. To them the middle classes are a cow to be milked for all it is worth in terms of tax contributions.

  • Michael

    It’s the same in the Tron. Locked in rate increases for the next 10 years. Home owners are a cash cow there to be milked. The council have adopted a holier than thou attitude to everything they do. It’s poisoned from the top down.

    If we are going to have rates, then central govt should set them and they should be applied country wide, instead if individual councils making it up as they need new toys. (or something like that).

    Council books should be completely open. I should be able to see a weekly tally. The current stance is that we rate payers are too simple minded to fully understand how the numbers run. Which is horse shit. They masses aren’t stupid.

    • Allyson

      Precisely. We work hard to ensure we have a central govt that is fiscally responsible and then we get an extra layer of this nonsense. Socialism by stealth is evil will strip our treasuries bare and undermine the good and honest rewards that hard work does bring

  • jonno1

    So this 5.3% (and no doubt only an “average”, so I expect to be hit harder) will be on top of baseline rates. My baseline rates went up 32% this year, albeit capped at 10%. I think the cap will apply for a couple more years, then the c[r]ap will really hit the fan. As Richard says, the real problem is CV-based rating rather than usage-based – maybe a poll tax or a uniform charge, or some combination of both would be more equitable? Perhaps the “equality” brigade will take this on board. Yeah, right.

  • conwaycaptain

    The way round it is for Central Govt to bring in a 2% local Govt GST and this is then divvied up nationwwide on a pro rata basis then the Local Giovt will have to live within its means.
    Also stop the gravy train in local govt of long service leave and other goodies

  • Lion_ess

    Bang on, rates are absolutely a tax, by another name and not a fee for services.

  • tarkwin

    The Whangarei council is no better. There’s hundreds of acres out by the port at Marsden Point all zoned right and all the roads are in. A company from Auckland wanted to set up there, they would have employed 50 people but the council wanted over $200,000 in fees. They walked away. A customer in Whangarei is putting a large warehouse up on land he owns – $120,000 in fees. He’s in too far to back out. Same thing is happening everywhere. Only legeslation will stop these troughers and empire builders. Isn’t Phil Heatly, the whangarei M.P I voted for the minister for local government? Why doesn’t he do something?

  • Patrickm

    It is wealth redistribution plain & simple. You have the temerity to own property & or run a business then you will pay a percentage of your “wealth” to those who would rather lie about with their hands out.
    A massive massive failure by Rodney Hide – the super city has only emboldened & allowed the lefties to go on spending & taking from the productive to give to the idle

  • AnonWgtn

    You saying Len is lying ?
    Nah – he could never do that.

  • andrewo

    I’ve been16 years in Auckland and I don’t think the rates have ever been at or below the CPI.
    We are frogs being boiled

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

  • sarge

    Len Brown should be put back and re fucked