Move back to town ya Muppet

Oh look a story about Aunty Mingy who lost some sleep because a Farmer didn’t want to lose his crop. Bloody townies moving to the country complaining about country life….I suggest she moves back to the city:

Move over road rage – Waikato has country rage.

Complaints from residents of Hamilton urban sprawl and lifestyle-blockers about the noise and smells of rural economic activities are drawing calls for more tolerance and a fair go for farmers and growers.

Waikato pig farmers, fruit growers spraying and combating frost with helicopters and turbo fans, dairy farmers using motorbikes before dawn to bring cows in for milking and contractors cutting maize at night, have long been on the receiving end of complaints from townies who move into the country for “peace and quiet”.

But complaints last week from north Rototuna and Gordonton residents when green tea exporter Zealong called in helicopters at 4am to prevent a rogue frost wiping out its imminent harvest have again highlighted the march of Hamilton’s subdivision development north into productive farmland.

It was the first time in eight years growing oolong tea at Borman Rd that Zealong has used helicopters. Three years ago the company lost an entire harvest to a late frost.


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  • steve and monique

    Hamilton has been moving north at a great rate.Sadly for farmers etc,this brings a new issue regards the fact townies have no idea what is normal.And given the fact they can complain about noise 24/7 to council, does not help.Maybe Hamilton city council should advise owners of property that border onto horticulture/agriculture sites,then what is fair and reasonable noise associated with these industries is permitted..If you choose to live their,put up with it.

    • stanman

      unfortunately the pathetic district plans only allow 40db at night- essentially a tractor next to an adjoining dwelling is a breach….what we need is some realists not plonker do gooders who believe that”they have a right to be heard over these matters”. What next ? buy next to a speedway track and complain about dust/noise??oh fuck me ,thats right Lyin Lens mob are already making inroads into closing Western Springs to appease the johnny come latelys

    • 2ndAmendment

      Hamilton city council should have its judistiction chopped from any rural or business land whatsoever.

      The principle is simple: it’s their fucking farm, their fucking business, they can make whatever-the-fuck noise they like whenver-the-fuck the like

      Testing helicopters, frostcannon, or automatic shotguns outside your windows at 3am – tough shit.

      • Bunswalla

        What’s a “judistiction”? A nervous twitch in the garden of gethsemane, by any chance?

      • Mike

        I’ll bet you anything you like that if a guy setup a nightclub next to your house you would bet the first to retract that statement!! You sir are an absolute fuck knuckle.

        • James

          The rule is,or should be….who was there first? Late comer…? tough shit.

          • Mike

            According to 2ndAmendment businesses are to be reverred as gods and their rights supersede all others. I can’t wait to setup a drug and alcho re-hab business next door to him. Only when the nightclub is not open of course!

  • Red

    Suck it up and get used to it ex townies… that’s how it is. I bet the moaners all have chooks with a rooster who goes beserk at any given time, so long as it’s dark.

  • stanman

    Fuck me. He saved his livelyhood-first time in 8 yrs he has had to use a helicopter,and this fuckin whine bag gets hotted up over a little lost sleep.

    This townie invasion into the farming community is coming at a cost- they think we all fuckin sleep at night-but no ,there are combines and balers and tankers and feed trucks and motorbikes and cows mooing and calves calling cows and tractors-piss of back to town or suck it up and shut the fuck up

  • Brian Smaller

    We moved to a rural area three years ago. There are kiwifruit farms across the river from us and they use frost fans. They are quite noisy but they were there first. They don’t bother me. When the guy was looking for resource consent to add a new one I didn’t complain. Not all of us ex-townies are moaners. And then there are the other rural noises – stock trucks at 3am, logging trucks, cows, lambs bleating. Sometimes the countryside can be quiet as a grave – other times very noisy. Part of life.

  • Saccharomyces

    No different to the gits that move next to Western Springs and complain that there’s a speedway there, guess what? It’s been there since before you were born, most likely. Saw another knob in the paper the other day complaining about Pukekohe Park Raceway, well that’s been there since the ’60s…. didn’t exactly sprout up after you bought your place did it?

    • Totally agree! that was my thought as i read the article.

  • BJ

    There are meant to be buffer zones between urban and rural and then the resource consents of developers are meant to cover such things as eliminating/reducing and mitigating measures to reduce the reverse impacts of urban sprawl such as ‘don’t bother complaining about rural activities towny’ and ‘buyer beware’

  • AzaleaB

    Townies can be rather odd as house guests
    case #1: “I can’t sleep…it is too dark and too quiet”
    case#2: “I think someone is breaking into the house!”( possum on pole on our deck)
    case#3: “What’s that smell! (silage)
    case#4: “You don’t have street lights!!” (oh – very astute)

  • Name

    That’s the reason they mostly shut down Whenuapai airbase because of townies who bought lifestyle blocks and complained about planes taking off – its like moving to Antarctica and complaining about it being too cold!

    • Dumrse

      Was that the All Black who lived 700M from an active runway then complained ? Wanker. That aside, which bits of Whenuapai did they mostly shut down ???……another wanker.

  • trisha

    My first thought when I read this was……..western springs.
    and look how that went for all concerned.

    my son and family live next to a orchard who spray highly toxic sprays. orchard has been there 10 years, my son 20 years. open communication with orchard has meant when they spray they email all the people who are with in the legal limits of 30 metres and give them ample notification of what when and how. It’s the only way townies and rural can live harmoniously, open communication. or you will end up going crazy or straight to jail.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Nope. It’s their fucking orchard they are successful high-value high-worth citizens – they should be allowed to spray whenever-the-fuck they like.

      If your offspring didn’t want to get occasionally sprinkled by harmless sprays then they shouldn’t have bought a house next to a working orchard – or any other actual business

      • trisha

        dick …read before you open mouth
        orchard there 10 years my son 20 years and nothing harmless about any agri spray

      • Bunswalla

        Oh look! It’s learned how to make words bold and it thinks that shouting means its “point” will be even cleverer.

        What a pity it doesn’t engage its brain before it starts frothing over the keyboard.

      • Mike

        2ndAmendment, it must be very sad and lonely in your world.

  • DavidW

    The titles on all rural subdivisions should be tagged with “potential noise zone” tags when the surveys are registered. Councils seemto be able to dictate all sorts of things so why not noise tolerance?

  • richard.b

    Happens everywhere.
    Local rural road with pine trees all along it was sub-divided a few years ago.
    But when it comes time to harvest lets all complain about the logging trucks causing all that dust.
    What did they think was going to happen to the pine tress? Harvest them by tunnel or something!!!

  • cows4me

    Not really an issue here, far from any urban sprawl. What has become a problem is the local council has put a size limit on how small farmlites can be in an effort to limit the amount of productive land lost in this way. Any new subdivisions must be no smaller then 20 acers? each. It’s a crazy law. Many are buying farmlites way to big for them to manage. I’ve helped several farmlite owners with various stock issues because they either have to run greater stocking rates or to have to few animals on their block,plus the various animal health issues that go with said animals. Many have taken on something that has become a monster and get out of their depth.

    • swinestein

      On the otago peninsula, the Dunedin city council requires 40 Acres. Bloody ridiculous

  • Mike

    It comes down to what someone deems acceptable noise surely? I find someone cutting grass down the road a perfectly acceptable (and sometimes relaxing) noise, but if I can so much detect someone playing their bass in such a manner that i can hear it, I get annoyed. That said, if you don’t like farm noises, maybe buying one was a bad idea :s

    • 2ndAmendment

      Sounds perfectly sensible to me: high-worth, high-value, nett taxpayers mow the lawns, but only bludging moocher takers play bass.

      • GregM

        Get fucked. I play bass, and pay a bludging moocher to mow the lawn.

        • Agent BallSack

          According to Tory the best music is Industrial, Greg.

  • RightOfGenghis

    I pitched my tent at Flanders Crossing, and a damned yankee came and settled a hundred miles away. Daniel Boone

  • tspoon

    Have to agree with the general thrust of the comments here, but OTOH I don’t know that helicopters at fa in the morning could be considered normal, even in the country side. My paltry knowledge of tea growing includes the knowledge that it’s mostly grown in the tropics. If you have a crop that can’t take anything in the way of relatively normal local conditions, it could be said to be a silly decision to grow it here.

    • mabel.gruntfuttock

      First time in 8 years that they have had a frost at harvest time. Potential loss hundreds of thousands of dollars. Tea is highly valuable unlike tea grown elsewhere .. about $1k kilo.
      And they have repeatedly asked for resource consent to use more water (spraying water mist prevents icing in frost conditions) and been refused.
      And the lady most vocal is a recent arrival from Zimbabwe. She bought the house with the plantation next door FFS. I hope her neighbour’s house doesn’t catch fire at 4 am – she will have to complain about the noise from the fire engines.
      Stupid bitch!
      I would be surpised if helicopters at 4am in the country she left would have been concerned about shifting frost. More likely full of angry black men with guns!
      FFS – words fail me.

      Fortunately the reaction from the locals has been pretty much the same as those who posted here.
      (Hamilton Lad)

    • GregM

      It’s fairly common in the vineyards of Marlborough, and even the central Otago orchards use choppers on the odd occasion.
      A chopper at $1500 per hour can save a multi million dollar harvest. Go for it farmers, make as much noise as you need to.

  • James

    They are called “ear plugs”….learn to use them as I do these days when i sleep as I work night shift.. Regards….ex Dairy farmer.