MUNZ copies Meatworkers, breaking the law

The Owl has been digging into the Maritime Union’s affairs and it looks like they may well be in the same spot of bother that the Meatworkers Union is.

More importantly it may mean that Local 13 of the Maritime Union is an illegal union. They are collecting fees and only passing through capitation fees to the Maritime Union. Local 13 is not registered as a union and nor has it presented any accounts as required by law. My understanding is existing contracts and agreements are in the name of Local 13 and not in the name of the Maritime Union.

In my opinion Ports of Auckland should seek an immediate judgement from the courts on the validity of Local 13 continuing to negotiate and represent members at the Port.

The Owl’s findings are below:

MUNZ versus NZ Meat Workers Union

The Registrar Office has put the hard word on the NZ Meat Workers Union to file consolidated accounts and according to press releases this could add up to millions.

The issue lies around a word called “capitation” which means that all branches pay HQ a capitation fee of a set amount for the number of members each branch has.

I took the time to review other unions that have branches as well and the Maritime Union has the same set up.

2011 Accounts

Affiliation Fees $338,058.00

Registered Members according to Department of Labour Returns 2,580

Therefore average Capitation Fee $131.00

Annual Union Fees per member? At Local 13 the union fees depend on hours worked and are worked out at 1.5% of wages. That works out at between $10-$35 per week.

The majority of the Affiliation Fees comes from a branch called Seafarers $153,927.00

Owls Observation

The Owl has always said he doesn’t care what businesses spend their money on or what their business model is. What I do care about is process.

It looks like MUNZ has the same issue as the NZ Meat Workers Union and I wonder if the Registrar is taking the same hard line.

(Note: All information is available in the public domain and the Owl always apologises if incorrect.)


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  • BJ

    If these union entities have been operating illegally, does that suggests that every representation they’ve made in the past on behalf of members should never have been allowed? Does that mean large companies that have made huge losses through stopworks and protesting have reason for redress? If they are not incorporated societies – and they’re not listed as companies what are the tax implications? I would have thought when issues such as the Ports of Auckland dispute went to court that the highly paid lawyers on both sides would have needed to be informed of the legal standing of both parties before any proceedings.

  • thor42

    Excellent work!
    This is the kind of good stuff that “journalists” should be doing if they want to earn their pay. Fat chance of that.

  • Whafe

    I am with thor42, what exactly do “journalists” in this country do? Are the only interested in the shallow stuff. What happened to getting stuck in and investigating the goings on, instead of putting a total lefty pinko slant on anything…
    I mean that clown pants on Close-Up last night, saying about the top 10 cities to visit next year. Amsterdam, where your hair will smell of pot. Has that idiot ever beeb there, can assure you if thats your thing, you can get pot, but that sort of thing is just try hard reporting etc…. (Ans I do not watch Close-Up normally, a visitor had it on…

    • BG

      It seems all the ‘jounalists’ are sitting around waiting for the latest tweet by fat dotcom as to write their new headline.
      Bravo ‘The Owl’, I salute you.

      • Whafe

        The Owl & WO are onto a great thing, that am hoping for the sake of mankind that it gains more and more momentum… Somehow this country needs one hell of a shake up

    • Dave

      Why would the majority of the repeaters investigate anything with the unions, i mean, is Mr Hooton going to investigate,?? No, he wouldn’t investigate properly. Most repeaters belong to a union, and follow the Pinko’s line. Unfortunately, it seems this is likely to fall with Whale, the Owl, and now Mr Hoskings has picked up the message as well.

  • LesterPK

    If they arent incorporated then they are unable to enter in contracts. The contract has to be in a sepcific persons name, not the collective.

  • viking

    When finished with the Union skivers perhaps you will start looking at the like’s of the Sanitariums that pay no tax.