MUNZ cops it from ERA

The Maritime Union is usually very quick to rush to the news media over any perceived slight to their domination ont he wharves. They will be very quiet over this judgment from the Employment Relations Authority (full judgment PDF):

Parties: Maritime Union of New Zealand Inc v Ports of Auckland Ltd
Summary: BREACH OF CONTRACT – HEALTH AND SAFETY – Applicant claimed respondent’s proposal to disestablish two foreman roles would result in unsafe work practices in breach of collective employment agreement (“CEA”) – Authority found no tangible evidence indicating proposed change would compromise health and safety – No breach of contract – GOOD FAITH – Applicant claimed respondent’s failure to consult adequately over proposal breach of good faith – Found respondent explained to applicant effect of proposed changes on who would carry out foreman’s work – No breach of good faith – GOOD FAITH – BARGAINING – Applicant claimed respondent’s proposal undermined bargaining for new CEA – Found disestablishment of foreman roles operational matter rather than bargaining issue – Found bargaining not undermined by respondent pursuing matter not subject to collective bargaining for new CEA – No breach of good faith

This was nothing more than a shameless delaying tactic by the union. I note that costs have been reserved. I hope the union gets slammed for this.

Good luck reading about this anywhere but here.


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  • Dave

    Well done for posting this Cam, as the Horrid and other MSM are followers of this fine Blog, I challenge them to report it where it belongs, FRONT PAGE, anything else would prove they just repeat crap and one sided stories. THis clearly demonstrates the unions complete lack of ethics.

    Suggest the the Whale army tweet and copy the link to keep it at the top of the Search Engines.

    • anon

      MUNZ latest newsletter tells the members decision is pending like they were going win. Will they follow up their own story. Also interesting how the judge laid out how many members and also named a few subsidiary businesses