Nanaia falling into the Bill English Trap

This is the kind of bullshit that causes unbelievably bad election results.

Asked about her future in politics, Ms Mahuta said she did intend to stand again in 2014. She was more dismissive about the possibility John Tamihere could run for Parliament again, saying Labour had decided during its recent organisational review that it should focus on attracting more young people and women to ensure it was in a strong place through to 2026.

No Nanaia, the Labour Party needs to be thinking about now, not 2026. It needs good people who can sell policies that middle New Zealand want, not some visionary program looking into the middle distance to discover what Labour will be like in a decade and a half.

Bill English tried this when he led National. He went on and on about the browning of New Zealand and how National needed to prepare for a white minority in 2040 or something equally stupid. Under his leadership he forgot about preparing for the 2002, concentrating on some nebulous point in the future rather than facing up to Helen Clark. His legacy was 27 MPs and a seven figure debt for his party.

This kind of dumb statement, combined with Nanaia?s total lack of impact on the education portfolio means she should be pensioned off as quickly as possible. An extended maternity leave if you will.