O’Sullivan on Shearer

Fran O’Sullivan excoriates the ineptitude displayed by David Shearer going large on pillow-talk rumours of his spinster Fran Mold:

It is astonishing that the Labour leader is so lacking in political worldliness that he did not demand bullet-proof evidence be presented to him before making his allegations. Now he is left floundering as the Prime Minister challenges him to “put up or shut up”.

Yesterday’s revelation by NewstalkZB’s Barry Soper that the prime source of the leak was a former GCSB official who is in a relationship with the Labour leader’s spin-doctor Fran Mold also compounds Shearer’s predicament.

He won’t confirm or deny the Soper revelation saying he doesn’t “declare his sources”.

But with no sense of irony, Mold later released a press statement under Shearer’s name saying the “PM must confirm or deny Dotcom comment”. (Realpolitik dictates that John Key doesn’t have to do anything until Shearer produces the video, Fran.)

It Key wants to get heavy he could demand that the GCSB fully investigates the links between Mold, her partner, his former close colleagues at the external intelligence agency and Shearer to see if they have breached the law. It’s doubtful Key would want to prolong the Dotcom embarrassment given the other issues on his plate. But the State Services Commission did appoint an investigator to try to track down the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (Mfat) leaks.

Senior Labour figures must be rolling their eyes at the way their leader’s crusade has blown up in his face.

Shearer is finished…the only interesting questions that remain concern whether or not Frn mold did it on purpose to aid her pal Grant Robertson and when they finally knife Shearer. It is obvious that the caucus has let Shearer charge on ahead while they all looked busy doing other things.

David Shearer has scored a glorious own goal – the caucus knives will be sharpening.

They have been sharpened for quite sometime, they have just been waiting for the right time to plunge the knife in.


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  • Gazzaw

    Cam, I wouldn’t be surprised to see JK go for the jugular. He’s not out to get Shearer – he knows that Shearer is doomed anyway & better to leave labour to flounder whilst he is still leader. This is all about showing the public what dirty bastards labour are & by association norman & peters. Goff kept telling us it’s all about perception plus it’s high time for some payback. If a GCSB investigation exposes any other labour MP involvement then all the better.

    • rock ape

      If I was Key I would call Shearer into my office for a chat. Give him the opportunity to retract his accusations or face an investigation. That way Labour keeps the clown,good for national, and the issue goes away.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Wait for the TV3 poll on Sunday Tories. Labou has crossed 50% and is on 52%. It can rule on its own. National has dropped to 21%. Greens on 13% NZFirst on 6% – now let us see who will be laughing on Sunday night

    • cows4me

      Sir, time to up your meds again

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        cows4me – Wait for another 24 hours….Sheep is on the rise and see how much noise puff pastry Duncan Garner makes out of these results….he will have his chat show running from 7:00 PM……