People are Stupid, Ctd

Really stupid. If I’d done something this stupid, I’d steer well clear of the media!

Beer will never taste quite the same for one All Blacks fan.

On Wednesday, Nick Ashton, 26, got a phone call most Kiwi blokes dream about. A representative from Lion Breweries told him his name had been drawn for an all-expenses-paid trip for two to London to see the All Blacks play England on their end of year tour.

Ashton entered the competition more than a dozen times, buying plenty of the sponsor’s product, Steinlager, and sending in his details on the back of empty cartons. He was about to crack open a celebratory beer when the voice on the end of the phone asked him if he had any criminal convictions.

”Four beers on an empty stomach” earlier this year pushed Ashton just over the legal limit and landed him with a drink driving conviction that meant he was no longer eligible for the prize.

He called back to ensure it wasn’t an elaborate prank and when it became clear that was not the case, he begged Lion to reconsider. After a call to their legal team, the answer was still no.

“I was gutted, big time,” Ashton said. “It was the trip of a bloody lifetime.”


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  • nosympathymate

    Bloody idiot shouldn’t have chosen to drive drunk.

  • Rodger T

    Nothing could tempt me to buy,let alone drink that fucking steinlager muck.

  • genome

    he’s gotta learn, he’ll only get away with alcohol fueled crime if he has actually played or does currently play professional rugby…

  • Tristanb

    If you have “four beers on an empty stomach”, then get on the road, then he deserves nothing.

    He could have had four beers… and taken a taxi, or walked, or stayed where he was. Beer isn’t the problem, being drunk at the wheel and risking the lives of others is.

    I’m not really sure what this cock is doing approaching the media. Does he expect sympathy?

  • blazer

    what a ludicrous decision.Lion should be ashamed of themselves.

    • Tristanb

      You want drunk drivers given prizes?

      • blazer

        he was punished for his crime.Is he allowed to win lotto?

    • Gazzaw

      Why blazer? The last thing that Lion want their product associated with is to someone that has abused its use & risked lives by doing so. You can bet your bottom dollar that someone would have leaked that fact to the MSM and Lion’s marketing people would have had a big ‘please explain’ on their hands.

      Not as if Lion were doing it to dodge paying out as no doubt there was a redraw.

      • blazer

        its overkill…whether they ‘like’ it or not ,they have to accept their products feature large in all spheres of social(miss) behaviour ,neglect and abuse.

  • Johnboy

    Anyone who can drink Steinlager deserves ridicule!

  • Mediaan

    Presume this is because many border controls on foreign countries ban entry to people with convictions.

    Lion, I am assuming, don’t want him turned away at the UK border. Bad karma for their corporate image and product.

    (Assuming the UK border control people are working at that moment. They have been running some strange system of doing the job some hours, but not others. It was a scandal about a year ago.)

  • unklefesta

    Not even a microbe of sympathy … he broke the law.