People are Stupid, Ctd

I mean really, really stupid, like getting plastic surgery on your toes so that you can better wear Jimmy Choo’s:

“I’ve had three toes shortened – a portion of bone removed between the joints and fixed together with metal rods. I like to wear Jimmy Choo’s, three-inch heels with a pointy toe.”

Foot X-ray. Toe reduction surgery. Kristina Widmer, 36.

New York, USA


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  • unitedtribes

    We will all have to get our brains shrunk if labour/greens get back in 2014. What am I doing here at 1.45pm???

  • Really?!? someone would do that just for shoes? Sad.

  • cows4me

    X Ray of head may have been more enlightening, probably a big pile of shit.

  • Appearance Medicine would indicate something is unwell, and I don’t think it is the body

  • John Q Public

    This afternoon I saw a bald man with a tattoo on the bald patch on the top of his head. It looked like a bar code, but I couldn’t see exactly what it was. He may have heard me say “what a stupid cunt” as I couldn’t pick whether I said that out loud or just in my head. I find myself not being surprised so much anymore by people’s stupidity.

    • blazer

      someone said ‘theres nowt as queer as folk’!