Police Fail In Harawira Arrest?

From the tipline – 


I draw you to this failure of policing in New Zealand.

“They started waving at me so I just turned up my radio and listened to some music,” Harawira said, “and then next thing you know they pop the back window and pulled me out.”

Police said they used a “glass entry device” from a tow truck to get in to Harawira’s car and pull him out and arrest him.

You mean the Police had to BORROW a “glass entry device”?  Why didn’t they just use a baton and smash the window on the prick?


Good point.  Although Harawira contradicts himself on the “pop”

“I parked my car in front of a truck and shone my light up high on the woman on the roof,” Harawira said.

“I stayed in my car. They broke into my car and smashed at least one window and arrested me.”


Another inquiry is required here and Russel Norman is the man to ask for it.  Did the Police smash the window, and if not, why not?


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  • Scanner

    Police in this country are useless in the extreme, we provide them with tazers, pepper spray, and Glocks, at the very least two of these should have been used on the “Black Mother Fucker”

    • 2ndAmendment

      Yeah. the Glock. Twice.

  • Petal

    The discourse of our officials in general, and the “news” that flows from it causes me to cringe when I consider what people in other countries must think of it all, and by extension, us.

    This isn’t funny. It isn’t witty. It is just plain embarrassing.

  • Yoti

    I find it amusing that Hone has always called the car ‘My Car’. Maybe it is or maybe we all own it?

    • pukakidon

      Are you saying that he used a public vehicle in the conduct of a crime? Then he should also be disciplined by the public sector.

    • Sooty

      I bet he was in the one supplid by the taxpayer. I would hpoe that he has to pay for the window out of his own pocket.

  • Mitch82

    They smashed ‘atleast one window’. What the fuck Hone? You’re telling us you of all people have trouble counting the smashed windows in a car?

  • toby_toby

    I suspect the tow truck may have had a spring loaded centre punch device which does a really nice job of breaking the window in one go. Such a device I wouldn’t expect to be standard cop issue. A baton may take more than one whack to break auto glass. If a towie has a centre punch handy, it’s better to use that.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Bushmasters and Glocks are standard cop issue – in every car.
      And they do a really good job of breaking car windows.

      • cunninglinguist

        or you could just do it with the tow trucks device oh wait they did

        • Sooty

          Yeah a sledge hammer

  • 2ndAmendment

    Why didn’t they just use a baton and smash the window on the prick?

    Why didn’t they use a Bushmaster and shoot the commie fuck?

    • Contractor

      You constantly talk a big game on here around weapons/shooting people etc on this site 2ndAmendment. Just another keyboard warrior mate? Or have you ever had a weapon pointed at you or had to point one at another human?Speaking from having the misfortune of being in both positions believe me there’s no bravado or tough guy mate,it’s ugly. So either put up or shut up I guess, feel free to join the police or whatever you feel you have to do to make a difference,but don’t constantly invoke others to do your bidding for you.your as bad as the other numpties on here a few weeks back shrieking we should be fighting back against the Muslim hordes – feel free to sign up guys,I’ll even help you fill out the application if you like,but if you feel that strongly about it have a go yourself,don’t fight your good fight from a computer and expect other peoples kids to do your bidding. Just my opinion…

      • greybeard

        Right. 2ndAmendment = ( probably ) white + fat + unemployed + living with mummy + watches internet porn + plays internet games all day + never owned a firearm, or if he/she does own one it should be taken away immediately as he/she contravenes the Firearms Act all the time. And he/she should probably be under constant surveillance by the police because of his/her constant stupid inflammatory comments.

        • Sarrs

          Hey come on, 2ndAmendment comes on here and has his point of view – you’re free to disagree without being a prick about it. Play the ball, not the man and leave the personal shit out of it.

  • cows4me

    Petty the cops didn’t have some soft bale handlers. Drive tractor behind car, lower front end loader to car roof, push third service button, bale handler bars close with car in middle, when car is sufficiently crushed/ trapped or whatever raise front end loader and rotate car till car is in upside down position, raise front end loader and shake at leisure. Presto, chocolate milkshake.

  • Chris

    They should have done a
    Rodney King on his black ass.