Poms are sick of bludgers

The Poms are finally fed up with bludgers and David Cameron’s government is now moving to address the belief that many on welfare are there from a lifestyle choice rather than need.

He also made clear that the welfare budget will take the brunt of the next round of cuts. That is inevitable. There isn’t a major western democracy that isn’t grappling with welfare spending. There is simply no longer the money to fund the kind of entitlements that became commonplace during the boom. It seems to have come as a great surprise to Osborne and to David Cameron that hard-pressed working people – the very people whose votes they are trying to attract – loathe with a vengeance people who milk the welfare system.


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  • thor42

    Good on them!
    It is *definitely* a “lifestyle choice” for the hundreds of thousands of Muslims who have flocked there. The women stay at home on a benefit and are basically “breeding machines”, pumping out babies.
    Tower Hamlets in London is now run by a council filled with Muslims, and it won’t be very long before that’s the case elsewhere over there.

    • Patrick

      Tower Hamlets has been the haven for new arrivals for some time, back in the 90s Bangladeshies ran the place, try going to Leeds or Bradford if you want to see the future of the UK.

  • Catweasel321

    Going by the latest Polls it would appear the public numbers cameron and Nick Clegg at top of the list.

  • 2ndAmendment

    Ahh Whale – everyone on a benefit is making a lifestyle choice rather than need.

    There are always choices rather than budging.

    The real evildoers are the voters who permit budging by funding it.

  • cows4me

    I bet it comes as no surprise at all to Osborne and Cameron that their voters loath people who milk the system. I sure they are fully aware the voters are sick to fuck with the whole welfare system. These clowns are politicians and politicians the world over take the path of least resistance, upsetting those dependent on the welfare system will be a bigger pain in the arse then the poor bastards that have to go to work everyday to pay the bills. Maybe, just maybe the worm is beginning to turn.