Poppy Day Shame

Is it any surprise that children collecting  for the UK version of poppy day need bodyguards?

Poppy sellers are to be given ‘minders’ after the collectors were subject to a string of vile attacks last year.

In an unprecedented move, teenage volunteers will be chaperoned as they raise money for the Royal British Legion in Bradford.

Last year there were a spate of assaults on those asking for the donations, which go to help the families of soldiers who have been injured or lost their lives.

Three young collectors were attacked in Bradford whilst raising money for the Poppy Appeal  – one of whom was just 13.

This year the youngsters will be accompanied by older members of the Royal British Legion and ex Armed Forces.

Collecting for soldiers in Bradford would be almost as difficult as staying safe in a catholic orphanage.

Successive governments in Britain have encouraged the mass immigration from every country with a ‘stan‘ at the end of its name to the point where Bradford is now Bradford-istan. A radical Islamic demi-state in the middle of the old industrial north. A town where war memorials are ritually defaced and sharia law is the defacto system.

Huge swathes of the midlands and north have become Crapistan.


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  • thor42

    Very sad to see.
    Muslims can march in the streets over there with signs that say “God bless Hitler”, but as soon as you criticise Islam, you are seen as “racist” (even though Islam is not a race).

    Remember the arrest of that lounge singer who was singing “Kung Fu fighting”? A Chinese couple were walking past and thought it was aimed at them (but the guy *always* sang the song in his sets.) He was arrested and then discharged.

    **That’s** how PC Britain has become. They are in BIG trouble in the next few years.