Raising their sights, Ctd

Union flunky  and PPTA National Office staffer Michael Stevenson jumped on my earlier post, as is usual he is opposing Charter Schools without any eveidence.

Here are some real stats he might like to comment on.

In 2003 Maori were 19.1% behind non-Maori in Level 2 NCEA. They are now 23.1% behind. 46.1% of Maori are not achieving Level 2 (23% of non-Maori).

Keep in mind – that is for the students getting through to that level.

In 2010 34.3% of Maori were not getting even getting basic numeracy or literacy (as opposed to 20% of non-Maori – scandal in itself.

So what are the PPTA protecting again? Why do they endorse these differentials?


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  • thor42

    Those are *shocking* figures, WO.
    What *I* want to know is –

    ***WHAT THE F**K*** are the IWI doing with their millions of dollars of Treaty settlements?

    Should we not have seen a massive improvement by now if they were doing as they SHOULD do – putting the money into their children?

    If I were Ngapuhi or Te Arawa or whatever, I would be after **blood** and asking some bloody hard questions of the so-called “leadership”.

    • Dave

      Thor, I’m with you on that one, what are their millions doing for their people. I have always believed the basics of Education start at home, teaching children the basics so when they get to school they understand and can easily progress from there. Perhaps Maori would be better off to RUN Positive Parenting classes for all maori, and even non maori, now that would be a fantastic venture.

      • thor42

        Thanks, Dave.
        Yeah – I mean **how much vision** does it take, really, if you are a TRUE leader, to stand up before your iwi and say – “in five years time we will have five thousand more of our young people entering university.”

        “In three years time, we aim to have not a single person from our iwi before the courts.”

        How much “effort” is really required to ***make that happen?***

        These so-called “””leaders””” should be PISSING BLOOD to make that happen.

        • Dave

          Thor. when my family was young I worked 3 jobs at one stage, one full time, and two part time/casual just to manage to pay my mortgage, keep food on the table, and to ensure the kids had a great education. They went to a Kohanga Reo, and then public schools, but their state school education was supplemented with parental input, and occasionally hiring tutors to assist them to learn. Both now finished uni, and well established in succesful careers. Education was very important, am proud of how we assisted them to success. If only 5% of the maori windfall, or even 1% of the ROI of all their funds went on educating their young, and training (some not all) parents how to be better parents….. Possibilities, opportunities lost!! (NB: Not suggesting we got it 100% right, or exclusive, but we put in the hard yards)

    • Gazzaw

      Anyone checked Tuku’s underpants drawer lately?

      • Mediaan

        He’s sent them all in to be embroidered with a royal crest.

  • Mediaan

    The more the aggressive element and the unions shout and politick about not needing anyone to look at the standards achieved in teaching, the plainer it becomes that many of them are doing a very poor job. In between proselytising for homosexuality and trying to persuade kids to take up their own pet causes, that is.

  • Patrickm

    Don’t forget NCEA is not a true measure of how “educated” a child is – it is a touch feely arbitrary measure. Lots of assessments throughout the year on all sorts of silly non core non science (maths, physics, chemistry) related subjects. All designed to make it difficult to score teachers abilities.
    So if our education system is still failing & unable to turn out kids with improved scores when they have dumbed down the curriculum (LGBT studies et al) then what hope do kids have entering the workforce? The world is crying out for makers – Engineers, Doctors, Scientists not takers & yet the NZ Education System continues to churn out takers, & very poor ones at that.

  • steve and monique

    Dont expect Maori grades to improve.With the attitude that everything is owed to them,and with parents who dont give a shit.Also with their so called leaders compounding/endorsing this problem,their kids have little or no chance.Maori(some,not all) need to own up to their problems,and see that dwelling in the past,will keep their future bleak.Cant blame the system for dumb arses.