Really? Where’s that then?

Stuff reckons that Akland is Australasia’s top travel destination. I just reckon they have it wrong, who on earth would want to travel to a village in a village in Aust-Agder, Norway?


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  • the state of journalism in the country is bullshit. my 7yr old has better spelling and grammar.

    Th s8t ov jernilism in da cuntree iz bulshz. mi 7ruld hz btr splin n grmer.

  • Kea

    Hundreds of millions of tax dollars has been poured into
    promoting Auckland as a tourist destination. Successive governments have done
    this to buy votes and win favour with Auckland businesses.

    But the fact is most tourists hate the place and can’t wait
    to leave.

    It is not representative of anything that most tourists come
    to NZ for. Promotion it as a destination is harming our tourist industry. We
    need to stop gravy train and let Auckland stand on its merits.