Rena – Some facts the Greens and Media won’t tell you

One year on, the true extent of the “worst environmental disaster in New Zealand’s history” is being squeezed out in a reluctant media.

“Six dotterels died after the disaster and to date, 43 of the 56 birds that were caught and released back into the wild have been seen again.? Monitoring over the upcoming breeding season is expected to account for those not yet seen.”

The names of the six deceased?dotterels will not be released until their families have been informed.

The 6 are part of?a grand total of? 2,410 dead birds collected of which?1,448 were were oiled.

So that’s 1,448 birds, including seagulls, down to the Rena.

Compare that to the normal work of Mother Nature, and one cold day on the West Coast (where were you Global Warming when the birds needed you):

?”A mass death of prions occurred on the West Coast of the North Island last year when 250,000 birds died in a severe winter storm.”

Maybe the Greens should call for an enquiry into the weather.????Oh, wait….