Rena – Some facts the Greens and Media won’t tell you

One year on, the true extent of the “worst environmental disaster in New Zealand’s history” is being squeezed out in a reluctant media.

“Six dotterels died after the disaster and to date, 43 of the 56 birds that were caught and released back into the wild have been seen again.  Monitoring over the upcoming breeding season is expected to account for those not yet seen.”

The names of the six deceased dotterels will not be released until their families have been informed.

The 6 are part of a grand total of  2,410 dead birds collected of which 1,448 were were oiled.

So that’s 1,448 birds, including seagulls, down to the Rena.

Compare that to the normal work of Mother Nature, and one cold day on the West Coast (where were you Global Warming when the birds needed you):

 “A mass death of prions occurred on the West Coast of the North Island last year when 250,000 birds died in a severe winter storm.”

Maybe the Greens should call for an enquiry into the weather.    Oh, wait….


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  • pukakidon

    One wandering cat near native bush can account for that many in a couple of years.

  • baw

    Now that is a great reason for an inquiry. After all all bad weather may have been caused by global warming and thus we need to decrease the amount of CO2 etc. etc.

    Stop giving them ideas.

  • Hard1

    Think about war and shipwrecks all over the place . Recognize that the ocean has been dealing with oil since oil was first formed .
    And now think about how pedantic we have become about every little aspect of life . Our society spends a fortune on hand wringing , worrying about minutiae , while every little voice must be heard and acknowledged and then respected .
    Leave the ship where it is and stop throwing money at it .

    • Travis Poulson

      Yep, how many merchant ships (and naval vessels at that) ended up at the bottom on the Atlantic…

      • Hard1

        Over 7,800 ships sunk in WW2 , estimated over 3,800 in the Asia Pacific .

        • Travis Poulson

          Rhetorical question, but you see my point. The greens will always find something to be outraged and exaggerate about.

          • Hard1

            You are right . The Greens drive oil burning cars to oil exploration protests . Never could figure that one out . They have mastered the art of ‘Do as I say , not as I do’.
            This country wastes an awful lot of money on frivolous spending . We could of had a few new hydro dams in the past 20 years if the Greenies hadn’t cried about a few birds , when so many more birds were being eaten by ‘possums .
            Being green is a feel-good religion , which is why BP appropriated the whole environmental message , to sell oil . All the oil companies now project the ‘ green energy ‘ mantra .
            Green has had it’s day , and will die a slow , painful death . It is simply no longer sustainable .

    • bristol

      Yep, got it in one, hand-wringing socialists always looking for victims, or a cause, to spend other people’s money on!

  • cows4me

    My favorite cartoonist, Gary Larson has a cartoon with a duck with a microphone and in the background is a crashed 747, death destruction and flames all around. The duck is saying something like “as yet officials have not released the name of the bird sucked into the monster”. Just a different perspective, sometimes nature doesn’t play by human wishes and rules something we tend to forget.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    Where is the Rena recovery tax promised by Finance Minister Russel Norman?!?

    • Mully

      Is that before or after the Christchurch levy?

  • LR

    More shit from the composting toilet party

  • GregM

    Bunker oil breaks down quite quickly naturally. Most of the aromatic hydrocarbons have been extracted from it already to make diesel, petrol etc. A gallon of bunker oil is HEAPS lighter than a gallon of diesel, even though at room temperature it looks like marmite and smells like coal, because the molecules are much simpler and break apart more easily.
    My old Tug runs on “MGO” which is halfway between diesel and bunker oil.

  • blazer

    I thiought the best farce was the salvage coys tale about ‘monkeys’ climbing on board and stealing salvage gear….beggars belief.