Reshuffle time: Chippie must be salivating

David Shearer did the unspeakable on The Nation.  He indicated there’d be a reshuffle in the not so distant future – specifically to the front bench.

“[I’m] certainly looking at where we can improve. Obviously you would want to do that,” Mr Shearer said.

“With 34 MPs I need all my team contributing fully,” Mr Shearer said at the time.

“I have made clear that I will be looking closely at the performance of every MP and strong performers will be rewarded.”

Does this mean that the performance reviews he promised when he won the leadership are now complete?

It appears that rather than confront Cunliffe directly that Shearer is trying to pick off Nanaia Mahuta.  While Chippie will be loving the idea, and has been doing a great attack job on the easily crippled Parata, Shearer is a bit nutty to pick on Nanaia.

First of all, Nanaia is pregnant.  Any man knows you don’t fuck with a pregnant woman.  Taking her portfolio away will be akin to taking her hokey pokey ice cream with sprinkles and gherkins on top.

Shearer can’t target Nanaia because in doing so he is throwing down the gauntlet at Cunliffe.  Does Shearer really think he is strong enough to do this?  Has Shearer now got the Robertson camp on side by allowing them to run all the House strategy (like letting Chippie run the attack lines).

Demoting Nanaia will be seen as another affront to Maori in Labour but may be this is intentional as Tainui in particular have played an important role on the water rights issue – and Shearer clearly has a different view.

Nanaia hasn’t performed in Education but can Shearer afford to move her to another portfolio?  Is he going to suggest she walk through the Exit door first?  How very chivalrous!

So, who will be Labour’s next Education spokesperson?  Will it be Chippie who has been running the attack lines against the government?  or perhaps it will be Sue Moroney?  She desperately wants the education portfolio back – and has been snuggling up to the gaggle of gays in a hope of being seen as one of the team.

Only one question is left – how did Shearer manage to squander another good media opportunity for Labour by instead creating another opportunity for the newsfeed to be all about Labour’s woes… and not about the Government?




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  • Pete George

    Stuff had something on this too, promoting the Hipkid’s chances – Shearer hints at reshuffle as few shine in front row.

    And also David Clark – it might seem premature, he has a bit to learn yet, he’s had a reality lesson or too (hopefully) after his lucky start, but with a scarcity of new talent he could get fast tracked up the ranks. Clark was 49 on the Labour list last election.

    Labour’s David reshuffle

    • Rodney

      They must have exceptionally grand plans for David Clark then, Pete – I heard Shearer has approached you directly to run for Labour in Dunedin North on the condition you disband Your NZ.

      • Pete George

        Funny. Where do you claim to have ‘heard’ that.

        Your NZ can’t be disbanded, it’s a blog. I’ve been banned from Labour’s blogs, Red Alert and The Standard, but they’ll have to offer more than that to ban me from my own blog.

        • Rodney

          Word around the traps is that Labour want you. Can’t say it’s surprising. Guess they haven’t got around to talking to you yet. Sure they’ll be in touch soon.

          • Pete George

            I’ve seen plenty of bizarre things on blogs, this is right up there.

  • Dave

    Does this also mean Mr Shearer, who is looking at INDIVIDUAL performance, will also advocate INDIVIDUAL performance for ALL state servants, PARTICULARLY, the measurement and PERFORMANCE of TEACHERS. Well done Mr Shearer, i appreciate you wanting individual performance, most schools like your MP’s, are only a SMALL team, and there is no room for slackers.

    And please, please Mr Shearer, once you have the individual performance and measurement with teachers in place, please extend it to ALL the other state servants, and you will be an absolute HIT with the rest of NZ once you convince the unions this is the way to go.

    So pleased you have acknowledged how important INDIVIDUAL PERFORMANCE and ACCOUNTABILITY is Mr Shearer.

  • Hang him

    You have to be kidding about Nanaia Mahuta, she can hardly string a coherent sentence together. She only there because she is a relative of the “Truck driver”who thinks he owns all the water.

  • kevin

    shearer could shuffle himself to the back bench if based on performance…

  • blokeintakapuna

    Maybe Labour will bring back the likes of Hughes, Samuels and Jones – previously acknowledged “rising stars” of Labour.
    Just the tiny issue of credibility with Labour’s “rising stars” …and also what Captn Shearer didn’t realise is that their stars aren’t actually rising – it’s the SS Titanic/Labour that is actually sinking, giving the appearance of “rising stars” – but go ahead and rearrange those deck chairs – it will certainly help as the band plays rousing union songs for sing-alongs…

  • Meg

    Put Mahuta on the back bench, given Education to Hipkins, move O’Connor up to the second bench at the very least. Labour’s front bench needs some bite in it.

    And frankly it has been the second bench that has been doing all the work. Not the front.

  • johnbronkhorst

    Christ, if hipkins gets the nod…it really will mean that under labour you can be promoted to your level of incompetance!!!!Self fertilizing house plant that he is!!!He got a “political hit” on parata…but thats all….everything he said was suposition, hearsay and inuendo….all political hits!!! No actual substance, logic or alternate thinking.(re christchurch schools) because the path that Parata is taking is obvious, correct and logical!!! It just doesn’t fit with their socialist dogma….thank christ!!!