Rinse and Repeat

As predicted on this blog, Chippie has again calmly and diligently rinsed Hekia Parata.

Trevor Mallard should take note that this approach is much more effective than his bizarre antics.

These issues are easy to deal with, but for Queen Hekia utter arrogance, they should have been.

It is damn simple to start pointing out exact details of individual schools where there are so few students and the building so hopelessly compromised as to show up Labour for shameless politicking. It isn’t hard, Anne Tolley saw off four labour education spokespeople. you then have to wonder why Hekia Parata is making such a dog’s breakfast of these simple issues.

Chris Hipkins meanwhile is made to look smart, and on top of his portfolio even if it is Nanaia Mahuta’s.


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  • Bea

    She needs to say yes or no and give some concrete examples that bring issues into focus. She has spent too many years as a public servant and she is lost without jargon, circumlocutions and obfuscation. She exemplifies everything that is wrong with our public service!
    It also reminds me of the longwindedness you hear on marae.
    But she is bright enough and should be able to learn. She needs to look closely at what Joyce and Ryall do in the House and follow their example.

  • Dino

    Yes Chippie’s been in good form lately – and is displaying none of the personal nastiness that we see from the Labour and Green front benches on a daily basis.

    But inevitably in his next reshuffle Shearer will hand the education portfolio to a nasty card-carrying unionist.

  • David

    I cringe with her answers. I guess Parata is thick as two short planks or she is the most arrogant woman on earth. Just answer the fucking questions and dispense with the public service shit. Learners for gods sake they are bloody students you high minded idiot. Take a few lessons from Bennett, Collins or even Tolly and give a straight answer. Chippie ain’t as smart as he thinks he is and she should be able to dispose of him without the crappy waffle. We had a whopping big quake and our world has changed which we are well aware of, it’s not a hard sell and if you can’t sell it quit.

  • David

    Actually how about sending her to the UK where she can hang out with Michael Gove who seems to be the last living conservative on earth.

  • Teachersrock

    The sooner Chris gets given the Shadow Education position the better. He is doing a great job of pulling Hekia to bits and making her look like the total unknowing fool she is.

    • pukakidon

      Cant argue that he is doing a good job as opposition and is certainly holding her to account. About time there was proper debate rather than silly childish accusations and lies.

      • Teachersrock

        I am watching her now on the Parl. TV repeat. Good lord what an embarrassment she is. Tolley may have been a joke, but at least she was able to answer questions (not always truthfully, but answered none the less).

        Key seems determined to leave Education in the most inept hands he can find. Give the bloody portfolio to Joyce. At least he has a brain.

  • Troy

    Hekia is an embarassment to the Govt and why Key hasn’t sacked her out of cabinet is astounding – she doesn’t have the intelligence to answer straightfoward questions during questions – and this isn’t the first time. It seems that she has a comprehension problem. Either way, it won’t be long before other ministers will want to disassociate themselves with her – no-one likes a loser.

  • parorchestia

    The education portfolio is hell. The Minister is faced with two powerful and entrenched unions and the Ministry staff are stupid and unhelpful. So no wonder Hekia has had trouble. Perhaps JK understands this and is giving her time, as she will learn.
    But the ChCh proposals were plain stupid given their effect on traumatised children and parents, and the massive and numerous errors of fact they contained.
    She needs to learn the old mantra: softly, softly catchee monkey, and unions.