Rodney Hide on Part 6A

Comrade Kate Wilkinson has been sitting on action over Part 6A of the Employment Relations Act, and has been doing so for quote some time.

On the quiet Beehive sources will say that some in business quietly want the provisions kept and those people have the ear of Bill English and his decreasing number of supporters, including Kate Wilkinson.

Part 6A locks in existing workers and sloppy work practice. It doesn’t protect “vulnerable workers”.

It protects slack businesses and poorly trained and managed workers. It’s anti-competitive. It drives up the cost of cleaning and laundry services including for government, which is the major country’s buyer.

However the businesses seriously affected by this pernicious sop to the unions are struggling with the effects of the law and still National does nothing, preferring prevarication over action:

National rightly slammed the Labour government for introducing Part 6A in 2006. But National in government has done nothing.

There has been a required statutory review of Part 6A in 2009. But then nothing. The minister is still sitting on the result.

The evidence is clear. Part 6A can’t be amended. It should be repealed.


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  • 2ndAmendment

    Almost there Whale: The Employment Relationship Act can’t be amended. It should be repealed

    • viking


  • Patrick

    How come Hide is a world expert now? He was there in the hot seat & all he did was shove his snout in the taxpayer funded trough at the first opportunity. Oh & totally screw up the formation of the so called Super City.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Yep. not having ratepayer franchise for the supershitty is unforgivable

  • Disgusted

    For Rodney Hides information Part6a works if all parties co-operate with each other, and the comments from Hyde judging the workers involved needs to be reversed, judgement day has come and gone for Hyde thats why he is no longer, how dear he slam the workers and call them slack, and dont perform there duties properly, i will sue you for defamation, slander, and discrimination Hyde, watch your step!!