Romney and Obama Roast each other

Mitt Romney and Barack Obama Roast at the Al Smith Dinner 2012


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  • Very funny.
    The race is certainly changing over there.RealClearPolitics has some interesting developments in the electoral vote count, with it starting to fall Romney’s way, as i mention on my blog.

    • Not falling Romney’s way…you mistake toss up for Romney…they have increased the tossups…look at the No Toss Ups Map

      That is what RCP thinks will happen…pays to pay attention tot eh depth of information on RCP.

      • Is there a possibility though that the momentum is in Romney’s favour and he could cross the line? Or do you think its definitely a done deal for a second Obama term?

        • MEg

          If Obama takes out the 3rd debate, it’s all over. However if by some chance Romney has a stunningly amazing performance, a REEEEAAAALLLL stunner, then maybe he has a chance.

        • Some people seem to think so, especially those who rely on single polls for all their hopes, like the recent weirdo Gallup poll. Personally I don;t think Romney will get there, I might be surprised, but I just don;t think he will. The race is tight though, but the maths is still hard…state polls are rolling in at the moment and they seem to be favouring Obama…so Romney’s spectacular bounce from the first debate is well over and now Obama is experiencing a bounce after he turned up in the second.

        • 2ndAmendment

          It’s a done deal for Romney. Get with the programme.

      • I think it is very dangerous to take any poll numbers seriously in this election. I remain very doubtful about how RCP average out these poll numbers state by state for example in the case of Ohio they have included a CNN poll done on the 8th of October, in a campaign that is ages ago. It isn’t very scientific statistically as far as I can tell. Frankly RCP is interesting for discussion purposes but that’s where it ends.

        Karl Rove and Joe Trippi are the best I’ve seen at analysing the state by state figures, they’re apolitical and reasonable in their conclusions.

        Also the various methods of weighting employed by polling companies is all over the place. It is very contentious and there is going to be egg on faces come election day.

        As for Silver he’s had quite a few misses in his predictions too like the 2010 UK elections where he was miles out. People point to the success he had in the 2008 US election predictions. Well so what? It was a change election where it was obvious the Democrats were going to be successful. Didn’t take a genius in maths to figure that out.

        I do think I know who is going to win this but I’m not 100% sure so I’m not willing to call it just yet.

        • 2ndAmendment

          Silver is a leftist communist. Plain and simple. He completely missed 2010 – he has missed 2012!

          The race is over: Romney has won; the Tea Party has taken the Senate and will increase its hold over the House. Osamacare/Medicaid/SoSec will be ended by the Tea Party who are truly loyal to Freedom and to America.

      • 2ndAmendment

        Go and look at accurate maps:

        Fuck I can’t wait until we get a 6-3 American majority on the court; the Constitutional option in the Senate – and we can ensure the USA for the GOP the same way we ensured Texas for the GOP!

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Please take your seats or Clint Eastwood will yell at them.
    Then the expected humour failed, Obama scratched his nose – embarassed.
    Part of being a leftie is forfeiting your sense of humour – it is confiscated

  • 2ndAmendment

    RCP is getting with the programme – anyone who’s been through the US in the last three years should have had no doubt at all the communist was going to be thrown out on his ear – especially given that massive vote fraud is no longer possible. Presidency & Senate will return to the American political party.

    America was founded as a Republic, not a Democracy.
    America’s government should be Republican, not Democrat.

    • MEg

      I suggest you actually look at some facts as opposed to spouting your usual poorly informed garbage.

      Looking at state by state polling, and adding up the electoral collage count – Obama wins.

      Oh and one other thing, listen to american politicians for a little bit. The phrase “greatest democracy on earth” crops up a fair bit.

      • 2ndAmendment

        garbage. Even RCP is now giving he electoral college to the Americans.

        I don’t know what I’m looking forwards to the most – airbursts over Tehran, the end of Osama care, or the Reagan Free Trade Zones making US employment conditions (“at will”, “right to work”), compentitve private healthcare and education provision, and of course no unions, required for countries wanting to export to the US

        thankfully Kiwis will chose freedom over Labour/Greens/Mana/Unions leftist vision so that John Key and Colin Craig will be able to take NZ into the Reagan Free Trade Zone in the next term!

  • Romney seemed to get more laughs etc than Obama…a crowd that naturally leans Romney? or simply he was actually funnier than Obama?

    • Romney is a better speaker…Obama seems to have taken speech lessons from David Shearer.

    • Hagues

      Romney was way funnier.

    • Gazzaw

      So it’s down to the better comedian as an indicator as to who gets into the White House? BS! I may live to regret this come 7 Nov (NZ time) but I think it will be a stroll in the park for Obama.

    • Tony

      yep – Romney far better at laughing at himself – but I think that the best line was ‘brought to you by the letter ‘O’ and the number ’16 Trillion’!

  • 2ndAmendment

    And while you’re talking about attack ads: here’s one of the best ever
    Karl Rove putting Osama up against the wall, pulling the trigger, and watching his brains splattering all over the Dems…

    • Gazzaw

      You’re on fire tonight AT. Reds under the bed keeping you awake again?

  • What, no comments about Catholics, even if it’s in the form of a kick?

    The dinner was hosted by the Catholic Archdiocese of New York, so I’m feeling the post is missing something.

    • Gazzaw

      No chance Lucia the Boy Scouts are flavour of the month now.