Rowan Atkinson on Free Speech


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  • JK

    Hear, hear!!! Fantastic speech!

  • Stuart4

    I only wish that the whole thing was a comedy sketch. Sadly this really is the way the UK is run these days, and a terrible reminder of what we must ensure never ever occurs in NZ.

    • Whafe

      Never occurs in NZ Sturat4, sheesh dude, we are nearly there now in NZ… We will next follow France and we wil not be called dad & mum, but minders……
      Give me fucken strength, the global lefty / pinkos have shafted us, destroyed the human race…… A race of no responsibility, its not my fault etc etc etc

      • thor42

        Never fear, Whafe…. I am here…. ;)
        Fortunately, there is still a decent-sized “hard core” of people in this country who can see through the transparent **bullshit** policies of the left. The same economic policies that led Greece to ruin.
        The education policies that whitewash the savagery of Islam, and in the same breath try to destroy the magnificence of what the West (and the rest of the non-Islamic world) have achieved.
        The education policies that keep in place the worst method of “teaching” reading (“whole language”) in the world, while the rest of the world either sticks with (or is going back to) phonics.

        I could go on, but you get the picture.
        The lefties aren’t the **only** ones who can man the barricades…. :)

        • Whafe

          Had a spell there where I almost lost faith in mankind…. LOL…
          Somehow there will and needs to be an uprising against the left crap…

          • thor42

            Agreed, Whafe.
            I have a feeling that with groups like “Generation Identitaire” being formed in Europe, we will not have long to wait before the **big** fightback (against Islam *and* the treasonous *left*) begins.

        • 2ndAmendment

          The lefties aren’t the **only** ones who can man the barricades…. :)

          Bring on the “Freedom Corps!” – fight for Freedom unionism against unionism and communism!

  • thor42

    Excellent speech. I agree with him 100%.
    Very relevant now too, with the UN pushing (and being pushed) to ban criticism of religion. (Criticism of *Islam*, really, but anyway.) We must reject that at *any cost*.

  • CoNZervative

    But if “more speech” is the solution, as Bean says, then why hasn’t Twitter and FB et al contributed to LESS tolerance not more?

    • thor42

      I’ll have a guess at that.
      The more speech that there is, the more people there are who can be offended (or pretend to be “offended”).
      I think that’s where the paradox comes from.

  • unitedtribes

    I hope Roen wasnt offended that I still had to laugh. Even on a serious subject like that. Well done WO for posting it.

  • Totally agree.
    And we need to continually remind those who would say our speech is “inappropriate” the the correct response to inappropriate speech is more speech.
    We have a right to offend. Not libel, but offend. Because without this we do not have free speech.