Rules for some, Rules for others

Len Brown’s clipboard carrying jobsworths went to war against Sal’s Pizza and their Segway delivery method back in August:

Police have ordered Segways off the footpaths.

An Auckland pizza company said it was warned by police that its deliveries could no longer be made by riders on the two-wheeled vehicles.

Sal’s Pizza restaurant is one of at least two eateries that deliver around Auckland on Segways.

But yesterday the company said it had been told it faced fines or even a court hearing if it continued allowing the vehicles on footpaths.

“Last night we were contacted by Auckland police and told [effective immediately] to stop using Segways on city footpaths or face a fine and court hearing,” the company wrote on its website. “So, regrettably we will have to suspend all deliveries [with the exception of Takapuna] immediately and until further notice.”

The company has been using Segways for at least three years. Others who use them include the Original California Burrito Company, some real estate agents and Heart of the City ambassadors.

Auckland Transport says the vehicles are classified as motor vehicles so are illegal without registration, licensing and warrants of fitness.

The Police acted on a complaint from Auckland Transport.

A reader has just emailed in this photo of an Auckland Council Heart of the City Ambassador using their Segway on the footpaths.

Rules for council workers seem to be different than the rules for businesses that pay the rates that pay for the council workers.


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  • Bob202

    This is typical nancy activity from the police and the council. All over the world segues are used on footpaths just fine that I’ve seen.

    Typical NZ attitude > finding an impractical solution to a problems which doesn’t even exist.

  • LR

    Yes even used by Overseas Police Depts who are more up to date than our plods.

  • Guest

    technically Heart of the City aren’t council either – they are a business association funded by CBD rates and council support.

    • Dave

      Exactly, council sponsored, council influenced, council rules!!

  • thor42

    Bloody RULE-NAZIS!
    FFS – those stupid bloody “mobility scooters” are more of a problem than a Segway is – especially given that the scooters are driven by people who are a bit dolally anyway…

    This is a **legit business** trying to get by as well as they can, and yet they get bloody stupid red-tape wrapped around them like this.

  • Pokerface

    Wonder how many people have been maimed or even killed by these vehicles?

  • jonno1

    This is a beat-up. I use my Segway on footpaths all over town, including right past my local copshop regularly, also police cars often pass me without comment. That said, I avoid busy pedestrian areas and would never use it on Queen St, it’s just too difficult. Even when walking, texters and ipod wearers regularly walk into you, step into your path, or just stop dead in front of you. But compared with bikes they are way safer as they stop on a dime. Also, you match your speed to suit any pedestrians nearby.

    I usually wear a hi-vis jacket and a cycle helmet too, not because they’re required but just to add to visibility. I note the ambassador isn’t, but that’s not a problem.

    I suspect the pizza delivery thing was driven by a competitor’s complaint and the police were put in a bind. The reason is that Segways (and probably motorised bicycles too) don’t fit into the current legislation. They are technically a mobility device (less than 1.5kW power) but as such should be gazetted. For some reason NZTA has never got round to gazetting them, probably because they’re so rare as not to be a priority, but that is all that’s needed.

    BTW, AT’s statement above is simply wrong – either the spokesman was making it up or they were misquoted.

    As to Pokerface’s question: none in NZ as far as I know, although the UK purchaser of the company managed to drive over a cliff and kill himself a couple of years ago. Sure there are falls that occasionally injure the rider, but thAT’S no different from any other vehicle.

    • Pokerface

      Tongue firmly in cheek!

      • jonno1

        Sorry! Sarc alert faulty. Or maybe I’m a wee bit sensitive having spent megabucks on the device.

  • Gazzaw

    Wouldn’t Len be better to concentrate the resources on his much vaunted programme to clear our city streets of drunks. Seems fuck all has been achieved so far.

  • Dion

    When is National going to actually do something about local government? It seems they’ve dropped the ball since Nick Smith resigned.

    Might send Bronwyn Pullar an invoice to cover my 8% rate rise next year.

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    How come John Key is not blamed by the Greens for this? I read with seething anger the news item which quotes the Ozzie Mozzie demanding the police interview John Key and Bill English as part of the police enquiry. It seems that the whole purpose of this Mozzie’s police complaint is to get some cheap shot at John Key. It is time Emperor strikes back…..he has been so quiet and dignified for too long for my comfort…..

  • ratesarerevolting

    Len Brown is a fucking cunt !

  • Steve (North Shore)

    Segways users will have to pay a TAX either on the path or on the road.
    Oh there are off road segways on dirt tracks

  • Dave

    I sincerely hope the Pizza outlets and any others being bullied over the Segways, ask for the same rules as Auckland councils, and ask under what special legislation or dispensation their own Ambassadors. Come on Len, play fair!!!!!!!

  • Dave

    I sincerely hope the Pizza outlets and any others being bullied over the Segways, ask for the same rules as Auckland councils, and ask under what special legislation or dispensation the council, or council sponsored organizations are able to use Segways.

    • Sooty

      Because they can. no other reason needed.

  • Blue Tim

    No surprises there. Local govt has no respect for private enterprise

  • BJ

    Why don’t they all just walk like the rest of us?
    Bearing in mind, the footpath is for pedestrians – to maneuver around each other and only requires the brain to be engaged to bring one to a halt or to ‘change tack’ – enter a motorized person and the mentality changes to one of superiority and more cognitive processes needed – one to engage the brain, then respond with body to influence the equipment. Who invariably makes the diversion? – I’d say the one on foot.