Same here

There are a few mild mannered donors saying the same sorts of things here as they are in the UK:

Conference is increasingly the preserve of lobbyists from business and the quangos. Some of the big money donors the leadership relies on are also deeply disillusioned. One very wealthy and usually mild-mannered donor cannot mention the name of either Mr Cameron or Mr Osborne without attaching an expletive, such is his rage at their alleged incompetence.


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  • Blue Tim

    I’ve stopped attending the Nats Annual Conference. Too stage managed with our “staff” spending 2 days telling us how good they are and not enough/any time for members to discuss and debate policy direction.
    And we’re surprised that membership is falling.

    • But PG goes along to caucus each week and stands up and tells the same story word for word about how great things are….surely things are great?