Satire? Drama? More like Rubbish

Radio New Zealand is a collective of pinkos and anti-government oiks at the best of time…have a listen to this:

It is an outrageous re-writing of facts under the guise of satire or drama or some other bullshit excuse that I’ve ever heard.

I am certain they actually believe all this crap.

I can’t believe we as taxpayer cough for this crap.


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  • Lion_ess

    What ever it is, it’s bad-awful – like something early teen school-kids would improvise. Not comedy, not news, just plain shit

  • mark christopher

    But you’re an extra special person with friends in high places Cam so I’m sure your data is safe.

  • niggly

    But wait there’s more!

    Funny how all these gutless satirist’s (and Chris Laidlaw) dare not take the piss out of “politics” in the years 1999-2008 ….

    Down The List for 2 September 2012

    National List MP Simon Rogers-Flaccid struggles to
    get his head around child poverty. (7′32″)

    Down the List for 9 September 2012

    The Americans can’t understand our Prime Minister’s
    accent. We might have to help them or things could go very wrong in the
    Pacific. (6′34″)

    Down the List for 16 September 2012

    Ezekiel and his devoted wife have decided to take
    advantage of the government’s ‘charter schools’ initiative. (7′04″)

    Down the List for 23 September 2012

    In an attempt to save money, government departments
    are cutting staff. But when some of the departing staff turn up as highly-paid
    consultants, where are the savings? (5′56″)

    Down the List for 30 September 2012

    What a mess the whole Kim Dotcom spying affair is.
    Who knew what when and who knew nothing? Who told what to whom and when? Why
    weren’t key people told? It’s a can of worms. (6′30″)

    Down the List for 7 October 2012

    A surprise plan to close a number of Christchurch
    schools has left that already traumatised community reeling from a different
    sort of aftershock. (5′52″)

    Down the List for 14 October 2012

    John Key is making a quick visit to Hollywood to
    see if he can drum up more film business for New Zealand. Two Hollywood studio
    moguls make plans for his visit. (6′31″)

    Down the List for 21 October 2012

    Why, despite warnings about a problem, was no
    urgent action taken to fix the security systems on the WINZ data bases so
    clients’ private details were safe? (6′28″)

  • Pissedoffyouth

    What the fuck am I listening to?

    I have an idea on how to save money – stop paying roadworks companies and then make unemployed people do it – change it from a benefit to being government employees. Oh I know, I know, how about we build Lens traintrack with people on the dole, would save some costs. Or the “problem” of youth drinking in town – easily solved by 5000 beneficiaries to provide nightly patrols on Queen street!

    Food in schools – don’t pay anyone to prepare them, get beneficiaries to do it.

    Cleaning up our rivers? Benefices!

    Train track maintenance? you got it! dole bludgers!

    No need for expensive dittimo or 1080 – give 5000 bene’s slug-guns and buckets.

    What the Greens, National and Labour don’t realise is that we have a large untapped and free resource sitting around doing nothing which could solve all 3 problems – reduce unemployment, clean up the environment and increased tax intake.

    Now wouldn’t that be great?

    • Mediaan

      The person who stood in the way of “work for the dole” was Sue Bradford when an MP (now backing Mana motuhake or something I think).
      She put forward some dumb argument about it not being good enough for them.
      What it actually achieved – her blocking of the measure – was unimpeded access to a huge number of bored unsupervised kids on the streets for the gangs.

    • Hazards001

      So, using your economic theory we should lay off all the
      contractors that do road construction, track maintenance and environmental work
      and put them on the dole along with kitchen staff and anybody else who’s
      current employment you clearly consider menial labour, then pay them to do the
      work they do now for the dole?

      Obviously you work in I.T. or advertising as only a complete
      wanker could de value peoples labour so easily. You have no idea what you are talking about.

      • Pissedoffyouth

        You know what devalues people’s value more fuckwit? The fact someone can sit on their arse and get paid just as well as them doing a full week of manual labour.

        • Bunswalla

          So you’ve never heard of the truism: you can always earn more by using your brain than by using your hands.
          Given your above comment it’s clear you haven’t heard of it. Have a nice life stacking shelves on the minimum wage, griping about all the people earning more than you.

          • Pissedoffyouth

            By sit on arse I don’t mean I.T. or business work, but the dole.

        • Hazards001

          An excellent come
          back showing a clearly thought out plan to justify your original statement. Make
          up your mind. One minute they were free labour now they earn the same? Except of course the dole pays about $4
          per hour if you based it on a 40 hour week I believe. Never having been on it I
          don’t really know.

          So let’s try extrapolating your little economic theory. I
          can see 3 possibilities.

          The one I fleetingly mentioned earlier where you
          take over all the private companies and nationalise them (You could name them
          The Ministry of Works?) and drag all the current employees’ wages down to the
          level of the dole by laying them all off and re hiring them on work for the
          dole schemes. (Sounds like an excellent and workable concept to me, worked well
          for Stalin.) We should also introduce gulags.

          Of course you’ll have to vote Red and Green
          to get this option.

          You continue with the status quo but let more
          contracts to private companies and force them to employee a certain percentage
          of the bludgers who will in turn be forced to attend and then be paid less than
          those they work alongside.

          For this option you need to vote for a
          combination of Ruth Richardson and Roger Douglas and possibly throw Colin Craig
          in the mix, probably giving you a kind of Lavender vote but you can’t leave out
          The Green and Red because you still need their money tree to pay for the
          additional capital works that isn’t in the budget.

          Since options 1 & 2 are ridiculous that
          leaves option 3. A work trial period where the bludgers are given an opportunity
          to earn the same money (more or less with skills matrix’s and the like thrown
          into the mix).

          Now the problem with this is the same as
          before. Where is the money going to come from for additional capital works to
          be done when there is a huge waiting list and no dollars to go around?

          Simply saying that the dole bludgers can do
          the labour does not at any level satisfy the actual true costs involved in
          major capital projects, the cheap labour cannot offset all the other costs
          involved and in fact make up a small percentage (the unskilled labour) of the
          overall tender price. The reality is the labour costs in NZ are more or less
          low enough in these types of industry that the savings would be marginal and
          probably not at all due to the costs of training and the overheads involved in
          all the cock up’s accidents and disasters that a totally unskilled work force
          would bring.

          Sounds nice in theory but has no actual
          grounding behind it without the money for the capital works in the first place.

          Back to school young ‘un! I have shelves to

    • Lion_ess

      Yes POY it would be good. They would learn some skills and get motivated to try their hands at something else.

  • pukakidon

    It is actually pathetic and sounds totally amateurish. It is about time we scrapped supporting this bunch of embarrassing entertainment or journalistic failures

  • David W.

    This has been running for weeks. I’ve switched it off since quickly since realising how absolutely horrible it is. I have been amazed that Chris Laidlaw has been able to present it with a straight face. It must be totally embarrassing to him.

    A pile of manure from the public purse.