Shane Jones tells Greenies to shove it

Shane Jones has attacked the Greenies (Greenpeace and the Greens) for creating and supporting the so-called spoof of a Sealord advert that I highlighted yesterday.  It is more of the same from the Greenies –  they don’t a damn about people and their livelihoods.

Jones said:

“When the Green Party and the Green Priests [Greenpeace] take on a role of using that ad to humiliate, trash and parody not only the brand of the company but its workers, it’s a step too far.”

Shane also attacks the Greenies for their attitude to Maori.  The Greenies are proving they’ll use Maori for their own agendas.

 “They love to cuddle up to us [Maori] when it’s stopping mining in Te Kaha, but they want to shit all over us when it’s a fishing company.

Shane’s not alone in being sick and tired of the Greens putting plants and animals ahead of New Zealand families.  I too am done. If they really gave a damn about poverty they wouldn’t be attacking New Zealand workers. As Shane says:

“Their concerns are about some obscure ecosystem … while New Zealanders are losing their jobs all over the place.”


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  • conwaycaptain

    Fonterra want to open a cola mine at Maramarua. Will the Greenies be trying to stop this with 60-100+ miners down the road in Huntly losing their jobs.
    Same down the West coast.
    Now if they start deep water drilling off E Cape think of the jobs in either Gisborne or in the BOP to service the supply boats etc.

    • tarkwin

      The Greens don’t give a tinkers toss about jobs, all they care about is ideology. Makes you wonder what a green Muslim would be like.

    • Hard1

      Funny how Huntly imports half it’s coal from Indonesia , because it’s cheaper

  • blokeintakapuna

    The greens will tell Jones “Fuck off you wanker” in their usual, sanctimonious manner – and that will be about the most accurate thing they’ve ever said probably…
    But i’m pleased ot hear Jones doesn’t like hypocrisy – so will he tell NZ who else in the Labour Party gave the complicit nod and wink in the “cash for citizenship” corruption case to an unknown person Interpol was chasing – or will Jones confirm it was only him doing the corruption? ..and Dover was only the Asian guys “support person” with nothing to do with it?
    Whiffy, whiffy whiffy…

  • Jase

    I am getting really sick of these Green cockroaches.

  • Chincharlie

    ”They love to cuddle up to us [Maori] when it’s stopping mining in Te Kaha, but they want to shit all over us when it’s a fishing company.”

    So is Shane saying the Greens should treat a particular fishing company differently because its workers are mostly Maori?

    Or maybe that there’s something wrong with 2 groups with the same objective combining their efforts?

    I don’t see any hypocrisy. Greens don’t like mining, Greens don’t like destructive fishing.

    • Lofty

      Let finish the sentence chinny old boy………Greens don’t like mining, Greens don’t like destructive fishing, in fact the greens don’t like progress. There fixed it for ya.

      • Chincharlie

        But failed to point out any hypocrisy from the Greens regarding Maori.


    Not surprised that the Labour activists are disowning Jones. A red blooded occasional porn watching bloke who calls it as he sees it and doesn’t take other people’s bullshit has no place within that organisation.

    • ZOLTAN

      If he gets found out for corruption, he might actually admit that he made a stupid mistake, as he did with the taxpayer-funded masty. This lack of self-righteousness has no place on the left.

  • maninblack

    JT and Shane Jones would be the best thing for labour in a long time.

    • Gazzaw

      Wouldnt that delight the feminazi and pansy wings of the party?

  • Meg

    Yes jobs are important, however that does not give us the right to rape and pillage the land. We are not the only thing living on this planet and all too often we act like we are.

    And before I get the usual right wing bullshit, yes fishing is ok, as long as it is done responsibly. Yes forestry is ok, as long as you do not destroy every other living thing in the area just to get to the wood. We can harvest, and fish and what not, but we should not ruin everything else just because it is the easiest and most profitable method.

    WHen it is all gone, you cannot eat money.

    • Mark

      Yes I’ve got that poster too Meg. What actually is raping and pillaging the land? I mean what is the official measurement of rape and pillage or is that just left wing bullshit emotive terminology?

      • Meg

        Keeping with the fishing theme, over fishing, not caring about what you pull up etc… Now I am not saying that this is what Sealord do, but it does happen.

        People just dragging up anything and everything from the ocean. Day after day, not caring about how much they take, what they take, taking care not to damage the habitat so that there is future stock to be had. That sort of thing is not acceptable, ever.

        So when people go on about saving some obscure ecosystem at the cost of human jobs, well firstly it isn’t obscure to the things living there, and secondly humans are only one of countless species on this planet, we do not have the right to do whatever we like to the Earth just because we can drive cars and have thumbs.

        • Agent BallSack

          Fuck off and protest elsewhere. Preferably Iran.

          • Meg

            Is it your time of the month dear?

        • pukakidon

          You should keep eating the Basa selling in supermarkets, this is being imported from Vietnam. Full of antibiotics and bred in fecal infested rivers. The foriegn vessels that have been over fishing and dumping are on their way out. This should have happened years ago under your socialist fuehrer Helun.

          • Agent BallSack

            Loving the spelling of Führer….99% can’t :)

          • axeman

            As in Klarkenführer … the one who never did anything wrong?

          • Agent BallSack

            When laws are retrospective one can never err! Heil Helun!

          • Hymen

            I love how this blog is a neo nazi magnet :)

          • pukakidon

            Fuehrer in both English and German when the umlaut is not used. Not being an expert in your hero and all that, however that is the way it is spelt.

    • pukakidon

      What a load of socialist scare mongering. That is the reason we have quota on fish stocks. There was so much snapper in the Golden bay this year NZ owned commercial fishing boats were avoiding catching them because they had used up their quota.

      Once again it seems that there is no evidence in what you say, you are just repeating the lazy watermelon lies. The raping and mismanagement of our birthright was occurring under the Liarbour party. National have brought in place changes although not fast enough because the Maori fisheries are still bringing in foreign boats. These are the ones that have been caught dumping excess quota because they can not process it fast enough. It is the Maori fisheries who are rorting the system and not employing NZers, their own people. All they care about is to maximise their financial returns so the fat cats in charge of iwi money get rich. They do not give a toss about employment for their people. This is about to change, pity your socialist nazis did not do it when they were in power.

      • Meg

        It is amazing how deaf some people are when their ideology gets in the way.

        • Agent BallSack

          That would be the blind, preaching to the deaf my dear.

        • pukakidon

          How many fishing boats you worked on Meg? F all I would say. How many of the bunch of turd heads in the Watermelon party have actually worked for a living. None, they are the same as the wet wankers at University that come up with a pile of shyte in their dissertations on environmental issues.

          I would not put too much in what the Watermelons or Greeanpricks say. They are all lazy smelly dirty ex university twits who have no concept of reality.