Shearer goes for the Guitar again

David Shearer only has one gimmick…the guitar…and he is using it again. Things must be pretty dire in Labour:

Being in front of an audience is standard when you’re the leader of the opposition, but David Shearer is about to grace the stage with a different kind of act.

This Saturday the Labour leader will show off his singing and guitar playing talents with a performance to open the Sandringham Spring Festival.

“I’ve never done anything serious with music, it’s just a good way to relax,” he says.

“I keep a guitar in my office in Wellington and at 10 at night when parliament’s over I will sit down and play for a few minutes.”

This year will be the fourth time the Mt Albert MP has opened the festival.


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  • Doug

    Just a one trick pony. Will he have My Little Pony as his backup?

    • conwaycaptain

      If he steps down and resigns as the mp FOR Mt Albert Socialist Cindy will be put up as the next MP

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Conwaycaptain – Do you think Socialist Cindy can win Mt Albert?!?!?

        • conwaycaptain

          You could put adolf Hitler up as a Labour candidate and he would win.
          If she didnt then she should be given the Deep Six

  • ben

    Monday’s Caucas Meeting

    • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

      So Ben you admit that Sheep will be the PM in 2014???

      • ben

        Opps Tuesday*’s (caucas not cabinet) meeting

        • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

          :-) Sheep as PM, God save us

  • Go Sandringham

    Politics aside, he’s in his element with that guitar. Come along and enjoy!

    • Whafe

      With all due respect, he may well be in his element at your event strumming his guitar, however that is not going to give NZ a strong opposition, of which is needed…
      I can well imagine that Shearer would love playing George Michael songs….

      • Go Sandringham

        I quite agree Whafe. :-) I am right of centre on most issues but its a Labour stronghold here so I am a bit outnumbered. Would be just as happy to watch Key play the kazoo.

        • Whafe

          Best you don’t identify yourself this Saturday ;) :D
          Indeed a Labour stronghold, of which tells us a HUGE amount in itself

    • Lion_ess


  • Troy

    Labour, the gift that just keeps on giving. Somehow Shearer seems to think pulling out a guitar will have voters moving in their thousands towards labour – how naive. He should give up his day job and go be a musician somewhere, it seems that’s where his passion and calling in life really is. Remember Palmer and his trombone(?) on the balcony of the beehive?

  • Guest

    Just an MP, eh? Even the local rags know it ain’t worth the time putting the word “Leader” in the header.

  • Grizz30

    I am reminded of a NZ Horrid player rating of Wallaby Flanker Dave Dennis. Without having anything positive to say it was written “Must play a mean guitar”

  • It should be renamed the Farewell Tour :)

  • LR

    A plonker plucking.

  • LR

    Or a plucking plonker

  • Lion_ess

    If Shearer had made any positive impression as Opposition Leader, the whole minstrel thing he persists with, wouldn’t be so cringeworthy. But, since he can barely string together coherent sentences, it’s just wrong. ….. “an’ it’s oh doo-dah day” …

  • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

    OK Tories – I had enough of your fun at Sheep Shearer. Here are some challenging questions Sheep has forwarded to me:

    1. This is the fourth time Sheep is opening this festival. How come Emperor is not invited to open any such festivals?

    2. Sheep is going to play guitar and sing. Can Emperor do that?

    3. Sheep has a guitar in his office and plays after 10 PM. What does Emperor do after 10 PM?

    4. People of Sandringham have invited Sheep to be the guest of honour. What about Emperor Key?

    5. Sheep will be singing the song – “Take me home”. He thinks the people of NZ will take him to the home – Beehive in 2014!

    He is a winner Whale Oil. Stop making fun of him. Ozie Mozzie will be making a video of this event and we will distribute a copy to Whale Oil. THE TAPE DOES EXIST :-)

    • davcav

      1. Don’t know why Helen isn’t invited to…
      2. Don’t know, but I expect Helen has a wonderful baritone.
      3. Would have to ask H1 and H2, pretty sure Peter has no idea as it’s after his cuppa duties.
      4. Don’t know. Would have to ask Cameron I suppose.
      5. He thinks his caucus is behind him and he’s right…”Et tu, Brute?”

      Of course he’s a winner, he won the Labour party off Goff. At least 1 tape exists.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Underestimate Sheep at your peril. MMP delivers nasty results davcav, All it needs is Winnie the Poo’s party to get over 5%, Emperor’s game over. This is what is really annoying me. Emperor’s tea pot mistake gave Winnie the Poo, the oxygen he was craving for. Otherwise his party would have disintegrated by now.

    • davcav

      1. Key has better things to do?
      2. Probably not, can Shearer make millions of dollars and take a pay cut to be PM?
      3. Go home to a loving wife and family.
      4. I’d expect has more important things to do, like, running the country (can Shearer even run his own party???)
      5. Take me home? That’s a song by Phil Collins. Shall I share the first verse???

      Take that look of worry

      I’m an ordinary man

      They don’t tell me nothing

      So I find out what I can

      There’s a fire that’s been burning

      Right outside my door

      I can’t see but I feel it

      And it helps to keep me warm

      So I, I don’t mind

      No I, I don’t mind

      Quite apt really.

      • Sir Cullen’s Sidekick

        Ha Ha Ha!! Excellent! That is the reason I quoted that song. Sheep doesn’t know the fire outside his office door is going to burn his ambitions of becoming a PM for sure.

        • Lion_ess

          At last, I suspect you are right

    • Patrickm

      3. I bet Sheep is providing the soundtrack, Annette on backing vocals while the swiss ball gets a pumping

  • steve and monique

    What sitting around a fire with the Greens singing Kombiah.