Sir Bob on Migrants

Bob Jones’ latest column is on migrants.

Given Sir Bob’s propensity to consume women perhaps it is a good thing there are more migrants in New Zealand.

There’s an old boxing aphorism which speaks for itself, namely a hungry fighter is a good fighter. Make no mistake, those thousands of Asians – mainly Indians and Chinese, but also large numbers of Thais, Koreans, Malays and Filipinos – pouring into New Zealand are very hungry fighters indeed. The evidence confronts us daily.

Perhaps best of all is inter-marriage. Once only Maori spouses softened our ancestors’ coarse Anglo-Saxon/Celtic features. Now it’s open slather and it’s indisputable that the outcome is overwhelmingly aesthetically better. Racial intermarriage is now a world-wide phenomenon, which ultimately may mean no natural blondes left.

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  • Mr_Blobby

    As usual Sir Bob has it right. Who would have thought that
    writing about the obvious was news worthy, doesn’t say much about the Horrid

    • botti

      Is it that obvious that South Auckland has been enhanced by migrants? I recall in Bob Jones’ book NZ the Way I Want it, he noted the greater propensity for violence by some groups, group differences in average intelligence, and that some immigration was limited in part for these reasons. He probably can’t mention those problems in the Herald though.

  • blokeintakapuna

    I hope someone brings this to Hone’s attention… preferably rolled up in softball bat size and whacks him around the common sense with it – if they can find any on him.
    I wonder what the white mother-fucker house boi Hone will think of that? Or his thoughts when his daughter is on the slab, putting out and enjoying the attention of many a desperate, multi-cultural admirer?

    • Mr_Blobby

      It would probably be culturally acceptable to the black
      mother fucker for the bros to put his daughter on the slab. A family the plays together,
      stays together.

    • Backfromoutback

      BIT: You have such a way with words..nice one!

  • Mark

    Sir Bob has not had a dud opinion piece in this series,what a refreshing read they have been.I admit I thought of this comment as I enjoyed my walk around the city yesterday,how right he is,just one of the reasons I love living here. “it’s indisputable that the outcome is overwhelmingly aesthetically better.”

  • botti

    Bob omits that SAT scores in the US because of changing demographics. Asian migrants tend to perform slightly better than Europeans in terms of academics having evolved in an environment that favours those skills.

    In the US immigration recently has been primarily been fueled from Mexico and the results are far less impressive. The result being that places like California are undergoing a loss of competitiveness. As Jason Richwine notes:

    “The consequences of a large ethno-cultural group’s lagging behind the majority in education and income are significant. In strictly economic terms, perpetually poor immigrants and their descendants will be a major strain on social spending and infrastructure. Health care, public education, welfare payments, the criminal justice system, and programs for affordable housing will all require more tax dollars. When pro-immigration conservatives declare that these government programs should be scaled back or eliminated entirely, I am sympathetic. But a large public sector is a reality that cannot be wished away — we will not be abolishing Medicaid or public schools anytime soon. Immigration policy needs to take that reality into account.

    Persistent ethnic disparities in socioeconomic status add to a sense of “otherness” felt by minorities outside the economic mainstream. Though it is encouraging that Hispanics often profess a belief in the American creed, an undercurrent of this “otherness” is still apparent. For example, a Pew Hispanic Center Survey in 2002 asked American-born Hispanics “which terms they would use first to describe themselves.” Less than half (46 percent) said “American,” while the majority said they primarily identified either with their ancestral country or as simply Hispanic or Latino. This feeling of otherness probably helps spur explicit ethnic organizing and lobbying. Already there is a long list of Hispanic interest groups — the National Council of La Raza, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute, the U.S. Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Hispanic Journalists, and the Hispanic Lobbyists Association, to name just a handful. If Hispanics fail to assimilate, these groups will remain powerful, and they will continue to encourage Hispanics and other Americans to view our society in terms of inter-ethnic competition. It is difficult to see how a unifying national culture can be preserved and extended in that environment.:

  • thor42

    “…those thousands of Asians – mainly Indians and Chinese, but also large numbers of Thais, Koreans, Malays and Filipinos – pouring into New Zealand are very hungry fighters indeed.”

    Welcome to all of those people.
    No welcome, however, to Muslims coming here. They always end up causing trouble. I’m sure that the people of southern Thailand would confirm that, with their current struggles with the Muslim thugs.

    • Mark

      It is up to current Kiwis to make it very clear the standards we expect of each other.That is best done by leading by example,but there is certainly a place for making clear that some behavior will not ever be considered acceptable.Thugs are not welcome here.

    • Magor

      Interesting commentary from one of my regular taxi drivers that I use – who has to supply a service to certain refugee/welfare/dependents of a particular odious Middle East religious group (now taking over the world religion), and who attests to the disgusting and disgruntled behaviour of said families toward their host country…, mmhh makes you think!!