So what if they are

Pinko journalist Jon Stephenson has revealed that some of our SAS soldiers may be back in Afghanistan on a seek and destroy mission against the Taliban scum who killed our soldiers.

So what if they are…I hope they get them.

The Prime Minister however says that is not true…

Prime Minister John Key has denied a report that SAS troops have been re-deployed to Afghanistan to carry out a “revenge mission” for the killings of five New Zealand soldiers.

Mr Key was responding to claims by Jon Stephenson, Radio New Zealand’s correspondent in Afghanistan, that sources in the US-led coalition in Afghanistan and the New Zealand SAS community had told him SAS troops were going back to attack.

“Not true. Completely wrong,” the Prime Minister said.

“As I’ve indicated earlier there’s a small group who are there and that group is not in a combat role. They are there in terms of providing logistics and planning support.”

Stephenson said the troops would be in addition to the ones that Mr Key said had been sent to gather intelligence.

He said he had been told they would be playing an “active part in the hunt” for the insurgents.

“I’ve been told that the mission of these troops is not to gather intelligence but to help carry out the strikes or the raids on those insurgents that killed the PRT (Provincial Reconstruction Team) soldiers in August.”

Again, So what if  they are. All power to them. The Taliban are scum and the more we put in the ground the better.


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  • “Again, So what if they are. All power to them. The Taliban are scum and the more we put in the ground the better.”

    Exactly right. So why is John Key so intimidated by some bitchy little left wing radio propagandist that he can’t speak that truth loud and clear?

    Long past time Key and National went on the real offensive against these manipulative propagandizing commie white ants, and set the mood of the narrative themselves rather than let the left wing set it for them.

  • j_j

    What’s Key afraid of?
    Any President of the US (right or left wing) wouldn’t have hesitated to confirm that their soldiers are indeed over there to hunt down the taliban responsible.

    • kowtow

      Obummer hesitated at Benghazi,now there’s adead ambassador and staff.

  • Blue Tim

    It’s where the should be!

  • Patrickm

    I don’t blieve the SAS are a “hand holding” operation, by their very nature they will be engaged in reducing the effectiveness of the Taliban. Otherwise known as killing mo fo’s

  • Dave

    Has Stephenson put the lives of our Soldiers at risk by simply asking such a question, if there ever was such a mission, he could have just put it at risk. Is he dumb or just might he have committed a treasonous act?

    If you are by chance sitting round planning and sipping the local coffee boys, I suggest you do in fact follow Metallicas song, Searching, seek and destroy.

    And Mr Stephenson, if there is such a mission and if Mr Key knew about it I sincerely hope he denies it until its over just to protect our troops. Do you really think the troops need the likes of you broadcasting their every move or intention………

    • Marc Williams

      Exactly, why would this Stephenson be helping to protect cowardly scum that shoot school girls and blow up PRT medics helping the locals in Afghanistan? What idealistic planet does he live on? To me he seems to be no better than the same cowardly scum group as the Taliban.

      • Gazzaw

        Why has the MSM given this piece of journalistic scum oxygen?

  • kowtow

    It never fails to stun me that this operational stuff makes it to the papers.Journalists and editors care only for their own selfish narrow angle.
    Churchill would turn in his grave.

  • blazer

    a futile war ,as usual another defeat for the U.S,who drag their acolytes into every conflict they can.