Socialist Cindy quitting to have kids?

Cactus Kate has been reading New Idea…if that doesn’t just knock you down with a feather then consider the revelation of Socialist Cindy that being a mother in incompatible with being an MP. I wonder of she checked with the Tainui Princess over that remark?

The most damaging part of the piece for Ardern with the target audience are the comments about babies and being an MP.  How New Zealand women are meant to analyse this without an eye roll, I do not know.  This is where a minder should have stepped in and said “no” and canned the story.  Ardern in a senior leadership role will only make her work-life balance worse.

Currently single, Jacinda hopes to be a mother one day.

“I’m probably just not in a very good job for it right now,” she says.

Right now? She is a front bencher.  So how does that reconcile in 2014? There are many reasons for being single and not having children by that age and beyond.  Using your job or career as an excuse in this day and age is facepalm stuff.

At least be honest about it and there is absolutely no shame in saying it – the problem is not your job it is like the rest of us you haven’t found a bloke good enough for you who likes you the same way back.

There are a couple of reasons that Cactus is probably too chicken to say  as to why someone is 32 and alone. She mentions DPF who is 44 and alone…bit at least David is honest even if he used altogether too many words when just one would have sufficed…selfish. It is either that or the other reason is the obvious one…they are both dud roots.

Whatever the reasons, I think Cactus may well be right…by 2014 Socialist Cindy will be 34, and still without a bloke or baby in sight. She has stated that she thinks the job is incompatible with children so will she chuck it them or risk waiting another 3 years and getting close to 40 and the risk associated with that.

Seems to me to be a perfect opportunity for iPredict to issue some long term stocks.


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  • Gazzaw

    Maybe she’s waiting for the six months maternity leave proposal to come into play.

    Once a trougher………………

  • GMDI

    I think cindy has a taste for capitalist men, but they are too smart to get involved with her. Most would rather lose half in an honest divorce than get it stealthily nicked via tax

  • cows4me

    Somewhere a Turkey baster is shaking with fear.

  • viking

    Partners facially tend to look similar to one another so Cimndy has to find nother horsy looking bloke. Rattle through your Facebooks guys and see if you can find her one. Introduce them via her FB.

  • pukakidon

    Trev will get her in the end. He has been through all of them hasn’t he?

  • LesleyNZ

    Does this prove that List MP’s have far more time on their hands than electorate MP’s? Renovating a caravan like that sure would take many hours. Hang on – it has “Labour” signage on the back of it – paid for by the taxpayer? Surely not. So it is not really a holiday caravan? There are going to be a lot of women soon who find themselves hitting 40 single and childless – because they chose to. Their career and notoriety and the drive to be at the “top” was far more important than settling down and having children – the old fashioned way. Sad really and I do feel so sorry for these women as they won’t know what joy a child of your own gives to you. And It is when the grandchildren come along that you feel really fulfilled as a mum – to see another generation of the family tree making their entrance into the world is wonderful. Life may be buzzing and fun and so exciting in your 20’s and 30’s – but it is so fleeting – by the time you get to to your 50’s and 60’s you look back at your life and think …….. lots – and if you have had children – your grandchildren add a new dimension to your life.

  • LR

    Cindy dear Cindy. Give up while you still have some credibility. Go back to where you feel comfortable amongst your comrades