Socialists are stupid, Ctd

Socialists, as a sub-set of people are stupid. They always try to control and tax things that cannot be controlled and always with unintended consequences.

French socialists are especially stupid. Instead of focusing on the terrible problems that France faces Francois Hollande is instead trying to control and tax search engines:

French President Francois Hollande is considering a pushing for a new tax that would see search engines such as Google have to pay each time they use content from French media.

Hollande discussed the topic with Eric Schmidt, executive chairman of Google, during a meeting in Paris on Monday.

Hollande says the rapid expansion of the digital economy means that tax laws need to be updated to reward French media content.

Google has opposed the plan and threatened to bar French websites from its search results if the tax is imposed.

Way to go! French is already a backwater, what the little french rooster is proposing will just isolate it further.