Super Modified Gangster Grip

via The Firearm Blog

It is all in the way you throw the bullets:

My theory is that gangsters shoot poorly on purpose. They need to be seen to be dangerous to both their comrades and to their enemies but the cost of actually killing someone is very high (prison and/or retaliation).

If a gangster is obliged to shoot at another gangster, he is much better off not just missing but also signalling to his opponent that he is not trying to actually trying to kill him. Holding a pistol sideways like an idiot is one way to signal intent to miss. Holding an AR-15 with an EOTech while wearing a ballistic vest signals the opposite.

The practice of shooting at someone with the intention of missing goes back to the days of duels. To delope is to throw away a shot. Alexander Hamilton infamously let it be known that he intended to delope during his duel with Vice President Aaron Burr, but Burr shot him dead anyway.

See a post about politics and guns…can it get any better?

I think there is real merit in bringing back dueling in politics.


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  • blokeintakapuna

    Dueling… politics… hope it’s near Duck season!

  • Pokerface

    LOL….”play that again, Sam”

  • 2ndAmendment

    Hell yeah, cos the lefties & greenies wouildn’t shoot, and we’d kill ’em all.

  • JMS

    > “I think there is real merit in bringing back dueling in politics”
    Yeah, but use swords instead, would make for much better television.

  • The linked article is fascinating. In my experience working in west Africa in the early 1990s, firefights between armed groups could last all day, with minimum casualties. I was told that it was because the armed groups had no other life options, and fighting to win would mean that they faced elimination.