Tell the Krauts to get stuffed

Two world wars and one world cup, England, England…tell the Krauts to get stuffed.

Public unhappiness with the European Union is “the deepest it has ever been”, William Hague will say on Tuesday.

The Foreign Secretary will warn European governments, including Germany, that British opinions over the EU are hardening, suggesting the current settlement is becoming “unsustainable”.

Mr Hague will make his comments in Berlin, amid tensions between Britain and Germany over Europe and in particular the EU budget. Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, is said to be irritated by the increasingly strident stance of David Cameron’s administration. The Prime Minister yesterday insisted Britain would “stick to our guns” on his promise to freeze the EU budget.

The European Commission has asked for a budget that would cost Britain an extra £10 billion over seven years.

Mr Cameron’s approach has pleased Conservative MPs but irritated some EU leaders. Reports from Berlin suggest Mrs Merkel is prepared to call off a planned EU summit to discuss the budget next month unless he changes his tone.

German officials played down that threat but made clear that Mr Cameron’s budget stance and his recent hints of an eventual British referendum on Europe are unwelcome in Berlin.

Mr Hague will use his speech today to warn that British hostility to the EU has grown and will deepen without fundamental reforms.

“This Coalition government is committed to Britain playing a leading role in the EU but I must also be frank: public disillusionment with the EU in Britain is the deepest it has ever been,” he will say.


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  • conwaycaptain

    Atrticle in the DT today by Evans Pritchard where he says that basically the uK has left the EU.
    The sooner the UK tells Merkel and Hollande to get stuffed the better. It is getting to the stage where the EU will be run from Berlin and the Germans have done by stealth what Napoleon and Hitler couldnt do,.
    When the Greeks, Italians, Spanish etc get the DIKTATS from Der Bunker in Berlin then we will see the flames of insurrection across Europe

    • Alloytoo

      One has to have sympathy for the Germans, they’ve spent the better part of two decades getting East Germany up to code and their own house in order, and now they’re being asked to pick up the tab for the Greeks, Italians, Spanish etc.
      Frankly the EU shouldn’t be worried about the UK’s half hearted membership of their little club, they should be worried about Germany printing Deutsche Marks and putting a halt to EU national welfare.

      • Seán

        Genau Alloytoo. Germany is ‘carrying the can’ currently for Europe, it’s unlikely they are too concerned with the Poms incessant whinging.

        • thor42

          That’s right, Sean.
          The Germans are picking up the tab for Greece (and possibly a couple of other countries as well).
          Having said that, the UK would definitely be better off out of the EU.

  • nasska

    The proponents of world government (read dismantling of western civilisation) are going to be a trifle unhappy at seeing their prototype disintegrating.

    All those nasty little grey people pulling the levers at the UN will have to find another conduit for world socialism.

    • conwaycaptain

      Les eminences grise in the EU want closer and closer ties etc. Yet in their own backyard countries are falling apart. The SCots are voting on becoming independent from the rest of the UK and want to stay in the EU.
      The Basques and the Catalans want to secede from Spain. The Spanish aremy has said “over theor dead bodies” so look out for trouble there.
      Greece and Italy are now ruled by unelected Gauleiters who are doing the bidding of Brussels/Berlin and the locals are not exactly over the moon/
      The UK is one of only a few positive donors to the EU budget and most countries take more than they put in. If the UK leaves thje EU will be in deeper doo doo. The EU want an inc in budget of +5% yet is asking countries to tighten their belts and Cameron has saiod NO. Les Eminence Grise dont like it.

  • blazer

    Britain needs the E.U more than they need them.With the frauds uncovered in the City’,the Tories are making empty threats.

  • AnonWgtn

    When I saw the heading I thought it about time that the fat Kraut (or Finn) was told to get stuffed, but no, not yet.