That’s sorted that then

Labour has been telling us that feeding poor kids will help their learning. They implore the government to think of the children, despite that fact that their parents don’t think too much of them in the first place to send them to school without lunch. They claim that despite the millions in benefits and state assistance that the state must now provide food for the children.

And all without a shred of evidence to support their notions. They even enlist their tame flunky media hacks like John Campbell to “prove” what they say…again it is only anecdotal evidence.

Then along comes some real evidence, that I just bet John Campbell won’t follow up with this week…you see it doesn’t suit his narrative. Neither will it suit the NZ Herald who love pimping poor people.

Feeding hungry schoolchildren does nothing to boost their learning, a new report shows.

The findings have surprised experts in a week when campaigning to introduce free food at schools to combat child poverty put pressure on the Government.

The only “significant positive effect” was that children felt less hungry, the study into free school breakfasts found.

Head of the study, Associate Professor Cliona Ni Murchu, said there were indications that attendance at school was also likely to improve but in reading, writing and maths there was no noticeable improvement.

Researchers at Auckland University’s School of Population Health studied 423 children at decile one to four schools in Auckland, Waikato and Wellington for the 2010 school year.

They were given a free daily breakfast – Weet-Bix, bread with honey, jam or Marmite, and Milo – by either the Red Cross or a private sector provider.

Despite the findings going against the assumption that well-fed children concentrate better and therefore do better at school, the report has not deterred the advocates of free food at schools.


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  • Gazzaw

    The majority of advocates for free food in schools don’t give a flying fuck about hungry children, it’s all about politics. If the government had introduced the idea labour would have called it fiscally irresponsible.

    • Teachersrock

      National is basically using the idea. Pull your head out of the sand now and then and check out the news.

      • curmudgeon1

        ” National basically using the idea….”I don’t think so. Where do you get that from? Is it not a labour initiative that is also trumpeted by people like the ridiculous clown John Campbell. Must admit I was amused to read of the Auckland Uni research – a bit of a problem for the left and the tax,spend and redistribute movement don’t you think?

  • Brian Smaller

    If a kid goes to school hungry then a few pieces of toast at school wont make up for the fact that there is a whole lot of other shit happening at home that will be affecting the kid’s ability to learn, or not.

  • BJ

    They used to go to school to get ‘out of their parents hair’ and be someone else’s problem for the day and now they go to school to get fed. So now it is blatantly obvious to many of these children that their parents are incapable of providing them with the basics of life and they are dependent on the charity of others – which will make the children more consumed with fear of not being looked after more than any concern with what learning could do for them. Many of them will already have a self belief that their destiny is the same as their parents so they’ve already given up.

    The majority of these kids will grow up believing they are the aggrieved and will become the bitter and twisted or the beggars of tomorrow

  • Steve (North Shore)

    If kids turn up at school hungry and have to be fed, the parents benifits should be cut by the amount it costs for the food. After all, that money is only going to be spent on booze, smokes and pokies.
    Whats that? Jacinda says no? Prove it Ms Ardern

    • BJ

      How about the solo mums that have to do some hours work be rostered to help run the breakfasts and that way their kids can see their parent preparing food and that behaviour may become everlasting – here’s hoping.

      • Gazzaw

        You would have to teach most of the parents how to recognise & open a Weetbix packet first.

      • Steve (North Shore)

        Solo mums do not get out of bed before 11.30am, and then it’s a quick trip to the dairy for smokes, wearing pj’s of course

        • blazer

          you were obviously brought up on CORN flakes.

  • Mason
  • Teachersrock

    Having seen hungry kids first hand, and what happens when they are fed by the school, I question the findings of this very narrow report.

    Also, for all you National supporters, National has basically adopted Labour’s policy for dealing with hungry kids in schools.

    • BJ

      The day National adopts anything that could remotely be called a Labour policy/initiative then I’ll be damned. The fact is National can sort out rather intelligently whether something has merit or not.

    • Tristanb

      You’ve seen hungry kids? So have I. I’ve seen starving and dying kids.

      In NZ I’ve seen neglected kids. But breakfast ain’t going to fix it. We need to stop fuelling the destructiveness of their parents, and teach the children that in this world to survive you have to work.

  • conwaycaptain

    Article in todays Heraqld where a teacher says that the kids dont go hungry as they can get it at Auniy or Nana’s place. What is hurting the kids is the abuse in the home. She said she had a small girl come to school with blood running down her legs as she had been raped by a family member.

  • Rusty Shackleford

    “Weet-Bix, bread with honey, jam or Marmite, and Milo”
    This is the reason I’m opposed to schools feeding kids. They will feed them shit like this. Wheat (wheat bix and bread) is a good food to keep you from starving during the winter but it is inappropriate as a modern staple food source when we have readily available sources of far more nutrient dense foods. And food sources that aren’t gut irritants and insulin spikers.

    Same goes for honey and jam. You’re better off eating nothing than jacking your blood sugar first thing in the morning by consuming pure sucrose.

    • 2ndAmendment

      gut irritants … insulin spikers

      spot the lefty.

      NZ grew up on milk & butter & white bread & lamb

      Good enough for Sid Holland, more than good enough for bludgers today!

      Hell in the 1950s there weren’t’ any benefits: if you couldn’t afford meat you had bread and dripping; if you couldn’t afford that, better grow turnips in your state house garden; if you couldn’t afford that you starve

      It’s called personally responsibility – and NZ’s benefit system has taken that away!
      There’s only one way to get it back stop the benefits

      • Rusty Shackleford

        “spot the lefty.”
        You are a mental.

        “NZ grew up on milk & butter & white bread & lamb”

        3/4 of these foods are extremely healthful.

        I can see the commentors here are as partisan, fucked in the head and semi literate as the dipshits over at the Standard.

      • Pokerface

        Sorry 2nd amndmnt, but Rusty is right. Can’t beat porridge for lasting satisfaction. (and I’m somewhere right of Ghenghis Khan)

  • 2ndAmendment

    If parents don’t love their kids nothing the state can do will make any difference

    Free school food, free schools, free GPs, free hospitals, free fucking money

    all of it is useful because bludger parents don’t love their kids.

    Fact of the matter is: we can’t afford to keep throwing good money after bad

    It’s time to stop all the benefits. Just stop the lot.

    • Teachersrock

      So punish children, hurt children, maybe let kids even die all so people like you do not have to loose a few cents?

      Wow, talk about nasty vile evil behavior. Humanity at its worst right there.

      • Travis Poulson

        “Loose a few cents”…..looks you’re a person that has proceeded to ‘lose some sense’.

        *Behaviour* and *lose* is the spelling you’re looking for, but you should have known that being a teacher. Nevermind humanity at it’s worse, your comment is an example of education at its worse.

      • Tristanb

        It is the parents who are hurting children. By continually fuelling their addictions by pumping more and more cash (or paying for everything, leaving them more cash in hand) we are hurting children.

        I’m not opposed to breakfasts in school, as long as it happens after a benefit card replaces all the money we give them to waste.

        You realise that every loose cent the government gives to scumbags is a cent taken from a family with a working parent. The government doesn’t just print money (unless Labour/Greens get in) they take it from people.

        If you feel strongly however, you can use your cents to pay for it. Not ours. (But I bet you won’t.)

      • Pokerface

        @Teacherstock – No, just take the unloved children and give them to someone who can get out of bed in the morning long enough to feed them!!

      • curmudgeon 1

        No, not the point at all…you completely ignore the issue of parental responsibility and you live in a world without blame or consequence where money grows on trees… payer funded trees. You bleat on about humanity but you totally ignore the abject lack of humanity displayed by dead-shit parents of the children is question.

      • patriot

        Did Nia Glassie’s mother send any of her kids to school with breakfast or did she spend the money on Grog, Fags, and dope — thinking more about rooting & partying than raising the kids properly — wake up to the truth , teachers

    • Mully

      Dead right – if the problem was “only” kids not being fed, giving them a bowl of porridge of a morning would likely solve a big chunk of the issue.

      Trouble is, of course, kids not being fed breakfast is a symptom of “parents” who shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

      When I was a kid, mum was on the DPB but we *never* went to school without breakfast in our bellies, and lunch in our schoolbags. It was nothing flash (in fact, the bleeding hearts these days would probably be horrified at luncheon sandwiches), but we were always fed.

      The other issue with “breakfasts in schools” that I have is what about lunch and dinner? If the argument is that kids who are hungry can’t concentrate to learn, it’s a matter of time before kids who don’t have dinner can’t sleep, so can’t concentrate the next day. It’s another Lefty death of a thousand cuts. Throwing a bucket of money at things doesn’t seem to fix these issues.

  • Lion_ess

    NZ’s Hungry Children is the story of bludging adults, tissue-wrapped in a fairy-tale about kids, weet-bix and toast. New Zealand is a land of plenty when it comes to food, the only shortage we have is of people taking responsibility for their children. As they say in the marketing world false advertising brings false results. No amount of do-gooders handing out Weet-bix & Toast will save these kids from their useless, ugly parents.

  • Marsyas

    Breakfasts in schools is yet another simplistic “solution” to the real problem of deadbeat parents. A far better initiative is the welfare reforms being implemented by the National-led government. At least these will begin to teach the slovenly among us about the consequences of their lack of personal responsibility. National must stand firm against the red champagne drinkers.

    • Teachersrock

      The only thing National has to do in order to improve the plight of kids is loose the next election.

      • Lion_ess

        That would be “lose”. What do you teach again?

        • Travis Poulson

          Haha holy smokes batman, looks like kosh isn’t the only teacher that can’t spell simple words.

        • blazer

          spelling probably.One of the most common misspellings.

          • Lion_ess

            I know it can be very tricky opening a packet of Rice Bubbles without spilling them – maybe Teacherscock will be better at that.