The BBC is as bad as the Catholics

The Catholic Church have for years covered up their abusing priests,?now revelations suggest that the BBC has a similar culture:

The head of Radio 1 was aware of sex abuse allegations against Sir Jimmy Savile in the early 1970s, according to a former colleague.

Rodney Collins, who was head of press for the BBC pop music station at the time, has disclosed that he looked into whether or not newspapers were investigating rumours about the DJ?s involvement with young girls.

He said he was asked to do so in 1973 by the late Douglas Muggeridge, then the Controller of Radio 1 and 2.

His claims put fresh pressure on the corporation, which has been accused of turning a blind eye to repeated claims of inappropriate behaviour by the eccentric presenter, who died last year aged 84.

In the past week 11 women have come forward?to say that Savile forced himself on them when they were schoolgirls, some in BBC dressing rooms, with?more details emerging in an ITV documentary?on Wednesday night.

The BBC?s Newsnight?pulled a similar programme last year,?claiming it could not substantiate the allegations.

The BBC has said it is ?horrified? by the claims and that its Investigations Unit is to work with police in looking for evidence, but insisted that ?extensive searches? of old files have found no record of misconduct allegations against Savile.

But?Mr Collins insisted: ?For the BBC to say they weren?t aware of anything, they certainly were.?