The Diary of Comrade Kate, Ctd

I hate Mondays. Another bloody boring meeting with 19 bloody tories. They wouldn?t pass my motion in solidarity of our comrade Julia in Australia, who has stood up against tories her whole life and finally gave it back to them last week in Australia. Julia?s a great comrade, I first met her in Chicago in the nineties at a conference and a sing a long at an ILO conference. I didn?t like her boyfriend, he looked shifty, and I told her so.

SPS told me some scumbags are going to try to force my department of conservation to enforce their statutory obligations for the environment. Had a minor temper tantrum, who cares about the bloody law or the bloody environment, I am here to look after the workers, not please tree huggers. Rang helen and arranged to meet her to have our nails done. I?ll probably have to pay, her ?shed fund? is no longer available.

Asparagus rolls for lunch, asparagus a bit over done.