They should target one in five

The Ombudsman has criticised NSW Police for excessive use of the taser. I suppose they could have shot them instead.

If crims know they will get tasered they won’t be so stroppy. Instead of one in seven, Police should go for one in five to increase the chances of a crim getting tased:

POLICE misuse Tasers one in every seven times the controversial weapon is deployed, a highly critical report by the NSW Ombudsman has found.

The report says Tasers should not be used on people fleeing police or in handcuffs, unless in exceptional circumstances. It recommends that the practice of ”drive stun” – where a Taser is held against a person without firing projectiles, to cause pain without immobilisation – never be used.


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  • Michael

    I wonder if the NSW Ombudsman has ever found him/her self in a situation where they had subdue someone. Some how I doubt it.

  • Probably not going to surprise you that I’m going to disagree Cam. There’s a world of difference between using a taser on an offender who poses a danger to police and using one *fourteen times* on the one suspect, for up to fourteen seconds at a time, even after he’s handcuffed and on the ground, and sometimes having two officers “drive stun” him simultaneously, while also discharging three cans of capsicum spray into his face. And especially when you outnumber him 11 to one.
    That’s what NSW cops did to Roberto Laudisio Curti on March 18 this year. He died. His crime? Stealing two packets of biscuits from an all night deli.
    His family have agreed that the “Tasercam” footage be released, so people can judge for themselves. It’s here:
    If we’re going to stand up to murderous violence by criminal thugs, we can’t condone it when perpetrated by police officers… unless we’re happy to be hypocrites.

    • 2ndAmendment

      There’s a huge difference between criminals hitting or shooting people – and the cops doing their duty. Absolutely huge.

      • smega rocket

        Yes, cop is doing his right and lawful duty by violently murdering all cookie thieves!!

    • Hagues

      FFS exaggerate much? If you are going to supply a link your comments should match it. He’s not handcuffed, not 3 cans, not 11 cops, he was voilently resisting arrest, under the influence of drugs (no wonder he hand to be tasered and pepper sprayed so much) the original report was of an armed robbery, later changed to no weapon, but there was no way of knowing he “just” took some biscuits at the time of pursuit. Brought it on himself.

      • smega rocket

        Sorry mate…all he posted is true…

        I bet you’re another who thinks the coroner is stupid for not believing the lies of the cops doing their duty to protect the cookies

        • Hagues

          Still you miss out on the truth.The report that Rex posted only mention 6 officers, the link you posted claims 11, CCTV footage only shows 5-6, he is clearly NOT handcuffed in the footage from the tazercam, the cops didn’t think they were going after someone for taking cookies, it was a report of an armed robbery later advised no weapon at no stage did they inform the responding cops all he got away with was cookies. But it wasn’t just about cookies look at the footage of the robbery, he jumps over the security screen and attempts to take from the till while acting crazy (he was on drugs). This is not some poor guy who thought it would be funny to take some cookies and unluckily met some cowboy cops, he bares the responsibilty for the events that unfolded due to his crazy drug fuelled rampage.

      • Given I post everywhere under my own name I tend not to lie, Hagues. My comments were designed to precis the entire sequence of events which took place over some considerable time as he ran through several streets trying to get away from Police. The “tasercam” just shows a tiny portion of that time and I didn’t claim it did anything but that.
        As smega rockets has illustrated, my precis is correct. And the point is, he was at all times running AWAY from Police. Frustrating when you have to run off your morning donuts rather than having the “perp” surrender like they do on TV, but a routine part of the job for which an officer is paid. You don’t get to take out your frustration on the offender once you and your 10 mates apprehend him.
        If you’d like to campaign to have the legislature introduce some sort of 21st century Inquisition with the authority to torture, by all means see if you can get enough of your fellow citizens to agree. But that is not the role of Police, who were given tasers, and rightly so, to protect themselves in situations where it would otherwise require them to draw a pistol, and not in order to punish a cookie thief.

  • yep. throw away tasers. they clearly have no place in a society where crime is getting more sophisticated.


    remind me again what the crime stats are? they are going DOWN down down.

    • 2ndAmendment

      Nope. Up all through the “Welfare West” and the US and the socialist economy comes off the rails yet again…

  • Steve (North Shore)

    The Police don’t Taser me. Why is that?
    Not being an abnoxiuos arsehole prob has something to do with the reason

  • 2ndAmendment

    The Ombudsman has criticised NSW Police for excessive use of the taser. I suppose they could have shot them instead.

    Hell Yeah! Think of the money saved on cells, trials, proceedings ,legal aid, food, lodging, etc

    • Bunswalla

      What a wanker you are. Shouldn’t you be in bed now, at 17 years old, instead of fantasising about situations we all know you’d crap your pants in a second if you found yourself in?

    • Lion_ess

      Really 2nd, think you need to get out more ..

  • farmgirl

    This was a vicious and unusual level of assault. And there are many equally nasty examples round the world.

    Remember the alleged feud between Alaska Governor Sarah Palin and a law enforcement officer she knew, based on his having tasered an 11-year-old boy in her family? (Some accounts say he was ten years old.) Remember the lawman’s excuse – that he had done it because the child, who admired him greatly, said it was okay when asked?

    Google “taser deaths”. You’ll be reading for a long time.

    Incidents like these make you realise it is probably too dangerous to put any serious assault weapon in the hands of a police officer. Better protective clothing, better equipment, better vehicles, yes absolutely. Not assault weapons.

    These men must be walking bundles of unexploded tension. Some handle it, I am sure, superbly well. Buit some will not.

    Police officers are asked to endure such a lot of personal risk and suppressed anger in their regular policing duties, they can’t help but accumulate serious levels of anger.

    A percentage of them will be carrying too much aggression to handle any weapon.

    Makes me wonder what they are like when they go home to their wives and families.