They wont get any subsidies either then

A New York court has declared that lap dances are not art and therefore are taxable. It means they won;t be eligible to taxpayer subsidies so the judgement is a blessing really.

Lap dances are taxable because they don’t promote culture in a community the way ballet or other artistic endeavours do, New York’s highest court concluded today in a sharply divided ruling.

The court split 4-3, with the dissenting judges saying there’s no distinction in state law between “highbrow dance and lowbrow dance,” so the case raises “significant constitutional problems.”

The lawsuit was filed by Nite Moves in suburban Albany, which was arguing fees for admission to the strip club and for private dances are exempt from sales taxes.

The court majority said taxes apply to many entertainment venues, such as amusement parks and sporting events. It ruled the club has failed to prove it qualifies for the exemption for “dramatic or musical arts performances” that was adopted by the Legislature “with the evident purpose of promoting cultural and artistic performances in local communities.”

The majority reached similar conclusions about admission fees to watch dances done onstage around a pole, as well as for lap dances or private dances.

One man’s culture is another man’s porn.


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  • farmgirl

    Interesting grey area in between the overt sex in drama or ballet and the overt culture in some porn (allegedly – I’m not a consumer). This decision invites further testing. You could bring up examples where the two get closer and closer together.

    I reckon many Judges need somebody to help them avoid subjects that are dangerous quicksands. Especially in the USA, where apparently they elect many Judges. The Judge needs some formula like, “This is not a subject that can be decided in this Court.”

    Maybe we could use a person with a brain, standing there, ringing a bell when the charge is read. The bell would mean, “Hey, Judge, don’t go there.”